The Wollnys: Sarafina has this cute nickname for the twins!


The anticipation of the Wollny family is getting bigger and bigger! Sarafina Wollny is expecting twins – and now she has revealed the sugary nicknames of her babies.

She is in seventh baby heaven – and can hardly wait to give birth to her children! It was only at the end of December that Sarafina Wollny (26) announced that she was pregnant with twins. Since then, she and husband Peter (28) have been giving intimate insights into her pregnancy.

This is what a proud soon-to-be-mom looks like! We show you Sarafina Wollny’s growing baby bump in the video above.

The star of the RTL2 documentary soap “Die Wollnys” couldn’t be happier, but the 26-year-old is also plagued by worries. The reason? According to Sarafina’s gynecologist, twin pregnancy is a risk pregnancy. The babies share an umbilical cord, which, among other things, can lead to an undersupply.

Full of anticipation! In the video below we show you how the soon-to-be-mum announced her best present.

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Sarafina Wollny gives an honest pregnancy update

Sarafina Wollny is now in the final spurt of her pregnancy. So she provided her fans with a small update on Tuesday (March 30th). In her Instagram story, the 26-year-old revealed: “It has been pretty quiet here for the last few days, but I needed a break because I felt so tired. I think I did too much the days before.” At the same time, the soon-to-be-two-mom revealed her twins’ sugary nicknames while happily stroking her XXL ball: “The two belly gnomes are doing great.”


Sarafina Wollny

The Wollnys
Risk Pregnancy! Sarafina’s twins are under surveillance
Worry about Sarafina Wollny! The mother-to-be has a high-risk pregnancy – which means that her twins must be monitored.

Peter Wollny on the twins: “I hope there are two boys”

While the TV star regularly grants his intimate glimpses, one thing remains a secret to this day: The baby genders reveal neither Sarafina nor Peter! The soon-to-be-dad, however, already admitted in February on an episode of the reality show “The Wollnys”: “I hope there are two guys.” Will his wish come true? Hopefully we will find out very soon!

She shines with happiness! You can see what Sarafina’s baby bump looked like in the fifth month in the following video.

In the 5th month: She shows her twin baby bump

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