Thermalright Frost Commander 140 – New dual-stack cooler for AM4 and LGA1200


of Soeren Diedrich
With the Frost Commander 140, Thermalright has presented a rather large cooler that should easily have the home CPU under control even on the hottest days. The Frost Commander is compatible with all common sockets, from AMD’s AM4 to Intel’s LGA1200.

True to the motto “Double is better”, the Frost Commander 140 will soon see the light of day. The new CPU air cooler from the manufacturer Thermalright is not exactly compact, but should, unsurprisingly, score with first-class cooling performance. Unfortunately, no information on the price has yet been given, and an exact date for the market launch is still pending.

Two fin stacks are supposed to fix it

The heart of the entire construction are the two stacks of 53 fins each, which are connected to the bottom of the heat sink, which is also made of nickel-plated copper, via a total of five 8 mm thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes. The air supply is taken care of by a 120 mm fan, which conveys fresh air through the first stack at a speed of 1,850 revolutions per minute, where it is received by the second fan, which is 140 mm larger and rotates somewhat slower at 1,800 RPM and passed through the second block.

Both fans have a fluid bearing and are included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to the fastenings that are also included, up to three 140 mm models can be installed on the cooler. In terms of socket compatibility, the Frost Commander 140 covers all current sockets that are likely to be installed by customers of the target group. On the AMD side it would be the AM4, with Intel the cooler fits on boards with sockets 115x / 1200/2011 and 2066.

Thermalright does not yet provide precise performance information, but the manufacturer places the Frost Commander 140 as an alternative to entry-level and mid-range CPU water coolers. You can get an impression of the look of the cooler in our picture gallery.

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Thermalright Frost Commander dualstack cooler AM4 LGA1200


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