These are the corona skeptics behind Stiller Protest


The demonstration of the so far little known formation “Silent Protest” last Saturday surprised many. But no matter how much the anti-corona movement changes – well-known figures from the scene are always acting in the background.

Supporters of “silent protest” at the demonstration against the measures to contain the coronavirus in Liestal.

Georgios Kefalas / Keystone

On November 7, 2020, a scattered group of Corona skeptics will march through Zurich. To attract attention, the demonstrators come up with something special. They dress uniformly in white protective suits and carry cardboard signs with catchy messages in front of them: «R. I. P. Democracy “or” Don’t think – obey! “. It’s nothing that moves the world, the media hardly reports. The ghost is already forgotten the next day. Only the organizers are euphoric: «We did it! 47 participants! You were all great! ” So they cheer on Telegram, the messenger service particularly popular with Corona skeptics.

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corona skeptics Stiller Protest


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