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At the beginning of March, Fanta-4-Star Smudo advertised the Luca app, which is supposed to enable “seamless” contact tracking of corona infections. More and more federal states are relying on the app. An overview.

The Luca app caused a stir in the past few weeks: Among other things, because the hip-hop singer Smudo had actively promoted it. His band “Die Fantastischen Vier” is involved in the “Luca Initiative” around the Berlin developer company Nexenio.

With the Luca app, for example, users register when they go to a restaurant or at an event by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. When leaving, people check out again. If a corona-infected person was nearby at the same time, this information would be transmitted in encrypted form to the responsible health department after approval in accordance with data protection regulations.

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This means that the Luca app – unlike the federal corona warning app – also knows where the contact took place. With the involvement of the health authorities, chains of infection could be traced in accordance with data protection regulations, it is said. More about the app read here.

In the past few days, more and more federal states have announced that they want to use the Luca app nationwide. An overview:

Lower Saxony uses the Luca app for contact tracking

The state of Lower Saxony has signed a one-year contract for the use of the Luca app. The Ministry of the Interior in Hanover announced on Friday that the costs amounted to three million euros. The app should help with the model tests of individual municipalities who want to try out openings in retail, gastronomy or culture after Easter. All 43 health authorities in Lower Saxony should be connected to the Luca app system within a month.

Hessen is also introducing contact tracking via the Luca app

Hessen also wants to use the Luca app nationwide for digital contact tracking in the future. With the introduction of the app, the vaccination and test strategy in combating the pandemic should be meaningfully supplemented, announced the Digital Ministry on Friday in Wiesbaden. The aim of the app is to largely replace paper lists and document contacts.

“The Luca app supports our efforts to open the door in the future, for example in retail and in the gastronomic and cultural sectors, and simplifies communication between health authorities and the operators and organizers,” explained State Secretary for Digital Patrick Burghardt. The software should be installed at the first six health authorities as early as next week. It is currently available free of charge to retail, gastronomy and the cultural sector. The state government provided more than two million euros for the use of the app by the health authorities.

Southwest now wants to use the Luca app nationwide

Baden-Württemberg has also obtained licenses for the extensive use of the Luca app, the Ministry of Social Affairs announced on Friday evening. If the cabinet agrees, this important step will be taken to combat the pandemic. “The app should help nationwide to be able to trace contacts in the event of a corona infection,” emphasized Minister of Social Affairs Manne Lucha (Greens). It is intended to replace the “paperwork” previously operated in restaurants, for example.

Schleswig-Holstein: Counties and independent cities introduce Luca app

In the future, all health authorities in the districts and independent cities in Schleswig-Holstein are to use the Luca app to track the contacts of people infected with corona. “The app can make the work of the health authorities much easier,” said the managing director of the Schleswig-Holstein regional council, Sönke E. Schulz, on Friday. The costs for the joint project by the state and municipalities amount to around one million euros for one year.

Some health authorities are already affiliated with Luca. The country pays the infrastructure and SMS costs. “With Luca we now have an instrument in hand with which contacts can be tracked systematically, seamlessly and quickly,” said State Chancellor Dirk Schrödter. In this way, chains of infection could be broken decisively.

Brandenburg concludes a license agreement

Brandenburg has also signed a corresponding contract for the Luca app via the information and communication service provider Dataport, as the Ministry of Health announced on Saturday. With the state contract, up to six and until around the end of April all districts and independent cities could use the Luca app before Easter. According to the information, the prerequisite is that the health authorities use the Sormas software. This allows a link to the app. In Brandenburg, all rural districts and independent cities have this software.

“Fast and complete contact tracking for every detected corona infection is an essential factor in containing the pandemic. This is the only way to break chains of infection,” said Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens). The Luca app not only relieves the health authorities in their work, but also institutions and companies.

Thuringia wants more than an app

Thuringia does not want to rely on a single app when implementing digital contact tracking, but relies on an open interface. The cabinet had agreed to create an open interface (gateway) to the I.T-System The Thuringian Ministry of Finance announced on Friday that Sormas, which the health authorities should use, should be procured. Previously, there had been considerations to focus on the Luca application.

With the planned procurement of a gateway, the use of several applications is possible. “With this IT component As many of the app solutions already available on the market and in use in Thuringia as possible can be connected to the Sormas software used in the majority of Thuringian health authorities, “said a message from the Thuringian Ministry of Finance. According to a spokesman, the ministry is costly between 150,000 and 300,000 euros for the gateway.

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