This country is the new corona vaccination world champion – Germany is doing so badly


The suspension of the Astrazeneca active ingredient throws back the vaccination campaign. In terms of global vaccination numbers, Germany still keeps up in one category. Israel is being overtaken at the very front.

After countries like Denmark, Spain or Italy, Germany has now also suspended corona vaccinations with the active ingredient from Astrazeneca for the time being. Reports of severe side effects with clots in the brain will first be investigated.

This poses a problem for the German vaccination campaign. Because actually family doctors should use this vaccine across the board from mid-April. The suspension throws the vaccination campaign back, only in absolute numbers can Germany keep up globally. Meanwhile, other countries are picking up the pace. In terms of daily vaccinations, Israel was replaced as the front runner.

You can see in the animation in the video what effects the suspension of vaccinations with the Astrazeneca active ingredient has on the German vaccination campaign, how we currently stand in an international comparison and which countries are currently vaccinating particularly diligently under this link or above.

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