This crazy idea would solve all DFB problems


Uli Hoeneß is right: The DFB needs personnel changes. This idea may sound crazy at first.

“The tax investigation arrives at the DFB about as often as the postman.”

“They fight like broom-makers.”

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“It’s no longer about football, just about post haggling.”

Uli Hoeneß used his debut as a TV expert on RTL in the 3-0 win for the German national team on Thursday for an all-round blow against the DFB and demanded personal consequences.

The DFB could come out of the crisis in one fell swoop

Is he right with his harsh criticism? I guess so. The DFB has given a fatal picture in recent years – and that is never good for the inner workings of a team. That’s why I also say: something has to happen.

I’ll also tell you what I think needs to happen – and that may sound completely crazy at first. But: The DFB could come out of the crisis in one fell swoop, create a gigantic atmosphere of optimism and lay the foundation for a successful future.

This duo would be a godsend

The DFB needs Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. And not only that. He should give both of them full decision-making power to change the structures and make the association fit for the future. What could that look like? Maybe even a constellation with the current President Fritz Keller would be possible. Even better: a kind of dual leadership. Hoeneß and Rummenigge are both powerful people who have incredible expertise and of course need the authority to implement their ideas.

This duo would be a godsend and the wish of every football fan in Germany.

You’ve proven it works

Do you think this idea is insane? Then read through the following arguments.

The most important thing: Hoeneß and Rummenigge have the gene for success in them. Over the decades they have shown that they work extremely well as a duo. You made FC Bayern what it is today: currently the best football club in the world, which is also extremely popular and financially sound.

No more trench warfare

The two embody so many qualities that the DFB has been denied in recent years that the thought almost makes you dizzy. While the current top of the DFB dives in troubled times and seems completely unsavory, Hoeneß and Rummenigge always have an answer. On everything. They stand for transparency, know how important it is to be close to the fans and focus on football. Where it belongs. You would give the DFB a powerful voice again in the football world. And internally, they would put an end to the power games and trench warfare.

You think that is unrealistic because Hoeneß only resigned from all official positions at FC Bayern last year and because Rummenigge is handing over his chairmanship to Oliver Kahn on December 31 and wants to take things easier in the future? Because he just said in a short sentence that he would not be available for a job at the DFB?

Hoeneß and Rummenigge have a responsibility

The opposite is the case. In my opinion, the door is wide open for the DFB, precisely because the two are free for new tasks. Football is the life of Hoeneß and Rummenigge. In any case, he will accompany her until the end of her life. Without will and they cannot. This is also proven by their activities as experts. Hoeneß has just started at RTL. Rummenigge worked from 1990 to 1994 for ARD as a co-commentator on international matches.

Uli Hoeneß (left) making his debut as a TV expert for RTL with presenter Florian König (right) during an interview with national coach Joachim Löw. (Source: Henning Kaiser / dpa)

Anyway: Both are far too important for German football to be able to retire and turn their backs on it. They even have a responsibility with their football skills. And they would hold important positions at the DFB. One would just have to grab her honor. That should be possible with the idea of ​​dual leadership. It’s about the future of German football.

Matthäus as national coach would be possible

Reservations due to the decades of Bavaria’s past? I don’t see After all, this is about our national team. It’s about patriotism and the best solution. And that includes the best people: Hoeneß and Rummenigge. When it comes to the players, as a national coach, you don’t say that you nominate a player from every Bundesliga club so that it is fair. The current DFB squad includes seven Bayern players and only one from Dortmund. The only criterion that can count is quality.

Another advantage? The two could take the search for a successor for Joachim Löw in hand or at least accompany them. If you give advice about it, you can use any professional competence and especially that of Hoeneß and Rummenigge. Also Lothar Matthäus as national coach would be conceivable in this constellation. Hoeneß and Matthäus have long since settled their earlier differences.

Löw has released forces

As a football fan, I can look forward to the European Championship after the German team’s 3-0 win against Iceland and, in particular, Löw’s announcement of his resignation. Löw has released new strength – also with his statement that he can no longer take players or clubs into consideration, but instead direct the full focus on the tournament.

What is missing is a clear line in the leadership, i.e. in the top of the association. I say: the only solution that eliminates all of the DFB’s problems in one fell swoop is that with Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. I am one hundred percent convinced that this would work.

Hoeneß suggested on Thursday at RTL that Rummenigge should move into the Uefa Executive Committee for the DFB and also take a place on the Fifa Council. Even if this would not be possible so quickly and easily due to deadlines, the content is still correct. And the former Bayern coach Felix Magath recently said: “I don’t know if there would be a better DFB president than Uli Hoeneß.” So both are right. The best would be a dual leadership.

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crazy idea solve DFB problems


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