This is how Cathy Hummels explains her absence to her son Ludwig


She spins sailor’s yarn for son Ludwig! Cathy Hummels (33) is currently back in Thailand to film the second season of Kampf der Realitystars – she moderates the popular trash format. The wife of Mats Hummels (32) made it clear in the past that it was important to her to earn her own money. Because of the filming, she is separated from her son Ludwig for a few weeks. Now betrayed Cathy her fans as she explains her son’s long absence.

“I am currently working for Ludwig as a captain on a ship – he believes it! Every day he wishes that I catch a lot of animals. Crabs, fish, rabbits, mouse cats … I do that too, of course, and there are always exciting ones Pirate stories for him “, writes Cathy in a new one Instagram-Post that shows you in a beautiful holiday setting in a bikini. The presenter thinks up the coolest stories and lets Ludwig continue to dream his adventurous fantasies.

What the viewers of “Kampf der Realitystars” find particularly exciting is the question of which celebrities will be at the start in the second season. Recently, pictures emerged that show that the summer house of the stars competitors Chris Broy and Andrej Mangold (34) will meet there.

Ludwig and Cathy Hummels in August 2020
Moderator Cathy Hummels

Instagram / dregold; Instagram / chris.stenz

Collage: Andrej Mangold and Chris Broy

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Cathy Hummels explains absence son Ludwig


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