This is what distinguishes the new Ikea app from its predecessors


How was the new Ikea app developed?

Markos Pavlou: The app was developed internally in the global Ingka organization. The app team is based in Sweden and the Netherlands. The app was developed for Android and iOS devices and can be used on both phones and tablets.

What role did Covid-19 play in the development of the new Ikea app?

Covid-19 has had a strong impact on the Ikea business worldwide. Circumstances led Ikea to focus on improving the e-commerce opportunities on the website and in the app, as well as moving closer to an omnichannel experience.

How does the new Ikea app differ from Ikea’s older applications?

Before we launched our new Ikea app, there were two apps for our customers. The “Ikea Store App” and the “Ikea Family App”. The “Ikea Family App” is still available to our customers. This is a local solution that focuses on the Ikea family members with specific promotions. Some of the functions of the “Ikea Family App” will be integrated into the new app in the future, so that our customers only need a single app.

What about the “Ikea Store App”?

This app is no longer available and has been replaced by the new Ikea app. The “Ikea Store App” was designed to support customers in preparing their purchases and actually shopping in the Ikea store. These functions are also available in the new Ikea app, but now users can also place online orders in the app. It has an improved and more modern user interface with more inspiring content. The new app also focuses more on data protection than the old app and is very transparent about how personal data is handled. In addition, it will soon have the “Shop & Go” function, with which our customers can scan an item in the shop and pay directly via the app. This function was not available in the old “Ikea Store App”.

What were the biggest technical challenges during development?

The biggest technical challenge was to keep the app as generic as possible while ensuring that it works according to the specific regulations and conditions of the individual countries.

You can already shop and personalize the feed via the app. What new features are coming next?

One of the planned new functions is the “Express Checkout”. Our customers will be able to check out in the store and use the app to pay with Apple Pay. And of course the “Shop & Go” feature, as mentioned before.

How has the number of downloads for the app in Switzerland developed so far?

There were a total of 51,000 downloads by March 23. Of these, 35,000 were downloads on iOS systems and 16,000 on Android devices.

And one more question at the end: What are the chances that customers will soon be able to order meatballs home?

There is an initiative working to make Ikea grocery products available for online shopping on the web, but we don’t yet know the plans for Switzerland. We think it will be some time before this feature is also available in the Ikea app.

At Ikea in Spreitenbach, drones have been buzzing through the shelves at night for some time. The aircraft keep inventory when employees and customers are at home. The project is now being expanded to other locations. You can find out more about this here.

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distinguishes Ikea app predecessors


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