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The federal and state governments are currently struggling to find a way out of lockdown. It is possible that it will be relaxed more generously than expected, but nothing has been decided yet. After the meeting, BW Prime Minister Kretschmann wants to comment on the results.

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The online conference of the prime ministers with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) started a little later in the afternoon than originally planned. The country leaders had previously discussed without Merkel.

Merkel: “Transition into a new phase”

At the beginning of the negotiations, Merkel emphasized the special importance of the deliberations. It was an “important day,” said Merkel, according to the German press agency, which refers to groups of participants. She was quoted as saying, “We can transition into a new phase.”

However, the federal government also announced that it wanted to prevent hasty action. “What we open should also be able to remain open,” said a spokeswoman. “It is a difficult task to find a good and responsible way for a safe and fair opening strategy.”

Discussion about gradual openings and more social contacts

According to the updated draft resolution for the federal-state conference, which is available to the ARD capital studio, the lockdown is to be extended until the end of March. However, easing should be possible – in regions with a stable incidence below 100, not just below 35. Then, for example, shops or museums with hygiene concepts could reopen if they set fixed dates. Accordingly, from next week, meetings with up to five people from a maximum of two different households – as long as the incidence is not over 100 on three consecutive days.

Overall, the opening concept, which is advised on, consists of five steps with different levels, depending on the incidence values. There should be intensive discussions between the federal and state governments about exactly how these individual steps will ultimately be designed. In order to make openings possible despite increasing numbers, tests should play a central role in the future. Free rapid tests should be possible for everyone at least once a week. However, the draft resolution stipulates that the updated test strategy will only be implemented gradually by the beginning of April.

Kretschmann just wants to loosen up carefully

The state government of Baden-Wuerttemberg had spoken out in advance that it would only be cautiously relaxed and that rapid tests should be used across the board. That is a great logistical effort and does not happen overnight. From next Monday, at least DIY stores should be allowed to reopen in Baden-Württemberg.

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