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The 32-year-old British girl Kirsty Brown has to do without the butterflies in her stomach due to a rare disease. She suffers from cataplexy.

Actually dramatic. As soon as 32-year-old British Kirsty Brown from Cheshire sees someone she finds attractive, her legs immediately sag and she is on the verge of fainting. A rare form of narcolepsy, called “cataplexy”, ensures that the pretty English woman collapses when there are strong emotions such as fear, joy or excitement.

Difficult everyday life

This sudden muscle paralysis doesn’t exactly make everyday life easy for Brown. She tries to keep the seizures as low as possible by looking at her feet in public. Even in her house there is a risk of cataplexy for about two minutes if she takes the stairs to the first floor because she doesn’t like heights. On good days, the 32-year-old sags an average of five times, on bad days up to 50 times. The seizures can manifest themselves through slight changes in the facial muscles up to complete collapse.

The mother of two was diagnosed when she was nine years old when she had to be hospitalized with a head injury. Nevertheless, she raises her children alone and copes with professional life, although it is very difficult for her to find a job. Which boss understands when the employee “falls asleep” at her desk several times a day?

She admitted to the Daily Mail: “I haven’t had such a strong pull lately that it would trigger an attack, which is great on the one hand, but also a little sad because I would like to be so attracted to someone. ”

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