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Thomas Anders conjures up the spirit of “Modern Talking” with his album “Cosmic”. Will there even be a reconciliation with Dieter Bohlen?

Either you loved them or you hated them, but nobody cared about them. We are talking about “Modern Talking”. Until its dissolution in 2003, the duo had sold a total of around 120 million records worldwide. With his album “Cosmic” now conjures up Thomas Anders the spirit of the 1980s out again – but without Dieter Bohlen.

1980s revival with modern sounds

“It tickled my fingers a little because I always have songs from ‘Modern Talking’ in the program at my shows, which is quite logical because they brought me to where I am now. And many fans said that , It would be nice if there were songs that sound like ‘Modern Talking’, but that are new, because nothing new comes from ‘Modern Talking’, “explains Anders im “Today”-Talk.

“Of course you can say that we copied very brutally, but if anyone can afford it, then I am” – Thomas Anders

The challenge for him and his producer Michael Geller (Giovanni Zarrella, Eloy de Jong) was now not only to write melodies like Dieter Bohlen, but also to use characteristic sounds – they brought the original “Modern Talking” background singers back into the studio – without sounding old and Bring in new sounds without losing the old feeling.

Dieter Bohlen’s DNA was cracked

“Every composer has his own peculiarity and his very special structure, including Dieter Bohlen. As soon as you crack your DNA, you get this form of melody. Every now and then your own identity comes through, but with the album we are pretty much identical . Of course you can say that we copied very brutally, but if anyone can afford it, then I am “, laughs the 58-year-old, who has just shown his versatility on the TV show” The Masked Singer “.

What his former bandmate thinks of the musical revival is not known. But if Bohlen, who is known to have a little more daytime leisure time, should call and ask if … “I would tell him what I have said over and over again in recent years when I have inquiries about concerts: No. ”

Anders’ new album “Cosmic” is a journey through time that starts in the 80s and ends today. A bow to what is probably the most colorful decade in pop music. And even if song titles like “Ready for Romance” (that was also the name of a “Modern Talking” album in 1986) and – well – “Modern Talking” of the past nodded vigorously, people dance in the here and now.

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