Thousands fly to Mallorca despite Corona


On Saturday, 60 aircraft from Germany arrived in the island’s capital Palma, another 70 were expected on Sunday, according to the airport.Flights are “quite well booked”Eurowings alone flew 44 times to the island from 9 German airports on Saturday and Sunday. That is almost 4 times as many flights as the previous weekend with only 12. The airline did not provide the exact number of passengers.

A spokesman for the company told the German press agency on request that all flights were “quite well booked”. The flight offer is still less than 40 percent compared to the pre-Corona period.

Tui brought almost 2000 package holidaymakers with 15 planes from 15 German airports to the island. The flights were not fully booked and “on the same level as last weekend,” said a spokesman for the dpa.

7 day incidence is 28.71

The federal government removed Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands from the list of corona risk areas on March 14, after the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants had fallen below the limit of 50 within 7 days. According to the latest calculation by the Spanish Ministry of Health, the so-called incidence is currently 28.71.

With the deletion from the risk list, Mallorca holidaymakers no longer had to quarantine and test when they returned, which led to a booking boom for the Easter holidays. From Tuesday, however, every flight passenger arriving from abroad must show a negative corona test. A corresponding ordinance then comes into force. The federal government generally advises against travel at home and abroad because it considers mobility to be a key driver of the pandemic.

At the weekend, the Easter holidays began in most of the federal states. According to a report in the “Mallorca Zeitung”, the Spanish airport operator Aena expects a total of 532 flight connections to and from Germany for Mallorca Airport from March 26th to April 5th (Easter Monday). That is 51 percent less than during the Easter holidays of the last pre-pandemic year 2019.


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Thousands fly Mallorca Corona


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