Thousands more evacuations due to flooding in Australia


Due to persistent flooding after days of heavy rain on Australia’s east coast, thousands more people have to be evacuated in the metropolis of Sydney, according to the authorities. “These are very, very serious and very severe storms and floods, and we are dealing with a very complex weather system, it is testing us,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the radio station 2GB on Monday.

A flood warning has been issued for large parts of the most populous state of New South Wales and neighboring Queensland. Already on Sunday, almost 2,000 residents of New South Wales were evacuated because of the sometimes worst floods in half a century. The fast-flowing floods sometimes tore off houses and cars and cut off important transport links, as recorded on television and on social media showed.

According to meteorologists, the heavy rains are likely to continue until Wednesday. The weather is also likely to cause delays in corona vaccine delivery to the region.

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Thousands evacuations due flooding Australia


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