“Tiger King” is beside himself: Joe Exotic’s husband wants a divorce


“Tiger King” is beside himself
Joe Exotic’s husband wants a divorce

Joe Exotic is currently serving a 22 year prison sentence. The ex-private zoo owner, who became famous through the Netflix series “Tiger King”, still has 19 years to go. A long time to have a long distance relationship. His husband, 35 years his junior, is now pulling the rip cord. Exotic feels abandoned.
It’s been a year since the Netflix series “Tiger King” (German title: “Big cats and their predators”) sweetened the first corona lockdown for millions and millions of people. The leading actor and self-proclaimed “Tiger King”, Joe Exotic, was already in jail there for the attempted murder of his rival Carol Baskin.

From there, the 58-year-old ex-private zoo owner repeatedly complains about his physical and psychological problems and even has ex-US President Donald Trump, incumbent President Joe Biden, reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper Cardi B for pardons asked – to no avail. Now things get even worse for him: his husband Dillon Passage has separated from him and wants a divorce. Passage announced this on his Instagram page.

On a selfie, the 23-year-old wrote: “Joe and I are going to get a divorce. This was not an easy decision, but Joe and I both understand that this situation is not fair to either of us.” However, he has a good relationship with his current husband and hopes that it will stay that way. Passage will also do his best “to support him as he undergoes further legal battles to improve his situation.”

“I will keep loving him”

He said he met Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, in November 2017 when he was in a “difficult phase of my life”. The 58-year-old was always there for him. “He was arrested after only nine short months and for the past two and a half years we have been separated. I have always been by his side and will always continue to love and support him,” writes Dillon Passage in his post.

Since “Tiger King” was broadcast, his life has been “thrown into a world of media and public attention.” “Something that was completely alien to me.” This is still “incredibly uncomfortable” for him. Unlike his husband, however, the 23-year-old thinks it is “not the healthiest way” to deal with private matters on social media. “So I do not intend to post more on the subject,” he writes.


Joe Exotic has now also commented on the separation. However, he finds less positive words for it. In an Instagram post, he accuses his husband of having “let him down”. “Dillon thinks it’s so hard to have to sleep alone that he wants to leave me. Now I don’t even have a home anymore. Let me tell you what’s really tough: every day in a 2.50 x 3, To spend a 60-meter cell, being tied naked to a chair until your wrists bleed and you poop and piss on yourself. ” It is not known whether this statement about the conditions in prison is true.

He stopped paying for his defense in court so that Passage could lead a comfortable life. “All I ever wanted was to mean something to someone. Why is that asking too much?” The 58-year-old finished the post. According to the US celebrity portal “TMZ”, the injured Exotic is now planning to be the first to file for divorce.

Exotic and Passage met in November 2017 and were married a month later. Shortly before, Exotic’s former husband Travis Maldonado (1994-2017) had died by accidentally shooting himself in the head. In 2019, Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison for attempting to commit a contract killing to Carol Baskin and for violating the keeping rules for exotic species.

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Tiger King Joe Exotics husband divorce


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