Tightening in the east of Austria fixed – Netanyahu’s vaccination success …


We start the news day live with you and give you a quick overview of the most important topics of the morning.

Tightening in the east of Austria fixed: The provincial governors of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland have agreed with the Minister of Health on tightening. Details are to be announced shortly. More on this

Bibi stays – vaccination success became electoral success for Netanyahu: Israel’s fourth general election within two years should confirm Prime Minister Netanyahu. The preliminary results point even more clearly than before to the dominance of the right. More on this [premium]

Mini helicopters for Mars: The small helicopter “Ingenuity”, which landed on board the rover “Perseverance” on Mars about a month ago, could set out on a test flight for the first time at the beginning of April. The US space agency NASA announced on Tuesday. It would be the first flight of an aircraft over another planet. More on this

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Tightening east Austria fixed Netanyahus vaccination success


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