TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG “Leitartikel” Wednesday, March 31, 2021, by Max Ischia: “Our (Olympic) winners, your doping”


Innbruck (OTS) The outgoing ÖSV boss Peter Schröcksnadel defends his association in the face of numerous doping affairs. The 79-year-old’s argument becomes unrealistic when ÖSV athletes are exposed at the Olympic Games.

Because what cannot be cannot be. So Peter Schröcksnadel sees no damage to the image of the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV) despite recurring doping affairs. Rather, the justice fanatic brands everyone as polluting the nest who casts his life’s work in a bad light. The argument of the outgoing ÖSV boss always denies reality when ÖSV athletes are exposed at the Olympic Games. Like 2002 in Salt Lake City, like 2006 in Turin, like 2014 in Sochi.
According to the 79-year-old, athletes convicted during the games are not ÖSV but ÖOC athletes. The responsibility lies with the Austrian Olympic Committee (ÖOC). An assignment of guilt that he did not renew for the first time on ServusTV on Monday.
From a purely formal point of view, Schröcksnadel is right – but that’s it, after all, only the ÖSV nominates its Olympic candidates. And how proud the ski association is when “its” athletes storm Mount Olympus. Quite apart from the fact that Schröcksnadel was ÖOC Vice-President in 2006 and has long held this office again.
He still stands one hundred percent to his Turin motto from 2006 (“Austria is a too small country to make good doping”). If, as at the Nordic World Cup 2019 in Seefeld, an ÖSV cross-country skier is caught red-handed, it may not look like systematic fraud, but rather individual stupidity.
To be clear: Schröcksnadel is against doping – and has repeatedly proven that in the past. The fact that someone like cross-country skiing trainer Walter Mayer has turned up on an official mission once too often in the history of ÖSV is one of these often cited individual cases.
Separated from this, the regularities of professional sport are generally problematic. Schröcksnadel heads one of the most powerful sports associations in Austria, which cannot be detached from the dictates of performance and success orientation. Athletes who do not achieve certain standards are ultimately thrown out of the squad and lose sponsorships, sponsors and perhaps their livelihood. That is less reprehensible than one of the many laws of elite sport. The fact that one or the other is tempted to help with unauthorized means is a reality that has often been confirmed. And even a Peter Schröcksnadel cannot break away from that.

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TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG Leitartikel Wednesday March Max Ischia Olympic winners doping


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