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One year of Covid-19: Med Konkret dares to look back digitally with experts from 6 p.m. today and takes a position on the current situation.

Hope dies last, as the saying goes, and further: But it dies, which it did in the case of the corona pandemic. Everyone hoped that the virus storm, which was already raging around Vorarlberg, would pass without collateral damage. But it was not like that.

Primary Peter Cerkl, Head of Pulmonology at the LKH Hohenems and Nursing Director Arno Geier review one year of Covid-19. And report how things are currently in the intensive care unit and how Covid 19 patients are treated. Take part in the free webinar!

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The pandemic year in review

A year ago the coronavirus also reached our country and hit here with full force. People became seriously ill, had to be treated in intensive care units for weeks, too many did not survive the fight against the virus. At that time, the Hohenems State Hospital was right in the eye of the health-endangering hurricane. Like the Bludenz State Hospital, it was cleared and kept free for Covid 19 patients. The burden of treatment is now shared among all hospitals.

“We didn’t know what to expect”

For Primary Peter Cerkl, Head of Pulmonology at the LKH Hohenems, this difficult time is a lasting memory. “We didn’t know what to expect,” says Cerkl. We now know more – the treatment of patients has changed, doctors and nursing staff have learned their lessons. Your experiences and findings, but also the current treatment options are the topic of the webinar: One year after Covid-19 – review and foresight.

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One year after Covid-19 – review and foresight
Speakers: Primary Peter Cerkl and Nursing Director Arno Geiger, both LKH Hohenems

Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2021, from 6 p.m.

Participation in the webinar for free

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