Too high a goal in St. Gallen: No buses – Fifa waived a penalty for goal chaos



The goal that was too high in St. Gallen has no effect. As Fifa confirmed to 20 Minuten, the world football association is not imposing any fines.

Here the gate is removed.


Now it’s fixed. The organizer does not have to pay a fine due to the chaos of goals before the game between Switzerland and Lithuania (1-0). Means: There is no aftermath. Not for the Swiss Football Association, not for FC St. Gallen, in whose stadium the game took place on Sunday evening. This is because the reason for this defect could not be determined. Fifa confirms this compared to 20 minutes.

However, it is not a matter of course that there is no penalty. Adrian Arnold, head of media at the SFV, told SRF on Sunday evening: “It is possible that we will have to reckon with a fine from Fifa.” The day after, on Monday, asked Arnold for 20 minutes who was to blame for the debacle. He replies: “You don’t have to talk about guilt or not guilt, you have to clarify the facts. The stadium operator is responsible for ensuring that everything is correct. FC St. Gallen has joined us givestern sexcused verbally and in writing as the stadium operator.»

There were strange scenes that the TV viewers got to see.


The internet and international media enjoyed themselves

The scenes were curious. These moments on Sunday evening in St. Gallen. Actually, the World Cup qualifying game between Switzerland and Lithuania should have started punctually at 8.45 p.m. But when the Swiss anthem was supposed to have sounded in St. Gallen’s Kybunpark, not a single player was on the pitch. Instead, one of the gates was examined by FIFA officials. Result: Several centimeters too high. The gate had to be replaced. The result: the game could only be kicked off later, when a new goal was on the field.

Meanwhile, the Twitter users enjoyed themselves deliciously and also the international press quickly picked up the gate chaos. Adrian Arnold, head of media for the Swiss Football Association, said: “Obviously it happens more often than not that there can be changes to the goal while the players shoot themselves in.” National goalie Yann Sommer took it with humor: “Given my size, it’s devastating. It’s going to be tight! ”

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