Too high gate in St.Gallen: kick-off for Switzerland – Lithuania delayed


The height of the gate is measured under observation by helpers and photographers. Image: keystone

Too high a goal in St.Gallen – the international game kicked off with a delay

How embarassing! The start of the World Cup qualifier between Switzerland and Lithuania in St.Gallen was delayed on Sunday evening. The curious reason: One goal was not compliant with the regulations. As measurements by the referees showed, it was around 2.50 meters high instead of the 2.44 meters it should be. The game kicked off around a quarter of an hour later than planned.

“Before the warm-up, the referees measured the goals again and determined that everything complied with the rules,” said Adrian Arnold, the SFV media director, in the SRF during the break. “Towards the end of the warm-up, our goalkeeping coach Patrick Foletti noticed that a goal was too high on one side. So they measured it again and found that it had to be replaced. ” The UEFA delegate told him that this often happens when shooting in the goalkeeper, Arnold said. It is possible that the Swiss Football Association will receive a fine due to the delay.

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The drama in pictures

We are working on a gate …

pictures: srf

… and measured at the other gate

Oh dear – it’s too high!

So the gate has to go …

Well, it wasn’t broken!

Meanwhile, the teams have to wait

Then: Finally everything is correct!

With a good quarter of an hour late it starts

Already in the 2nd minute the national team cheered Xherdan Shaqiri’s 1-0

Image: keystone

The lapse is not unique. In 1997, FC Sion lost 1-0 in the European Cup at Spartak Moscow, but filed a protest. The reason: one gate was only 2.32 instead of 2.44 meters high. The protest was successful, the game was rescheduled – and Sion was again defeated by the Russians. (R.A.M)

SRF reporter Sascha Ruefer amused the scene. Video: SRF

Hach, back then:


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