Tragic death: Zittau chief physician succumbs to the consequences of his corona infection


The coronavirus has challenged a hero of the pandemic: The chief physician of the Zittau Clinic, Wolfgang Eipperle, tragically died on March 11th. As the “Sächsische Zeitung” reports, the 61-year-old succumbed to Covid-19 disease.

Eipperle had only come to the clinic in Zittau last year and helped many patients and saved their lives during the second corona wave. Now the chief doctor himself has died as a result of a corona infection.

Clinic Zittau “deeply affected”

The Oberlausitzer Bergland Clinic said goodbye to the chief physician for internal medicine in an obituary notice. The joint collaboration only lasted about ten months. The clinic is “deeply affected”. We got to know Eipperle as a friendly doctor who was always concerned about his patients.

The city of Zittau in the far east of Saxony was particularly badly affected by the second corona wave before Christmas.

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Tragic death Zittau chief physician succumbs consequences corona infection


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