Trailer shows flight over the planet “Gnowee”


The developers of Exo One showed another trailer at the recent ID @ Xbox event. The clip consists of a single long shot and shows how the Exo-One vehicle moves over the vastness of the planet “Gnowee”. The game is an interplanetary journey through space and time. As a player, you control a mysterious spaceship that can manipulate gravity. With this ship you drift through varied planets. Exo One is slated for release later this year for PC and Xbox Series X / S.
Description of Exo One (according to the manufacturer): “Travel with a gravity-based movement system, mysterious landscapes far out in space. Transform your ship between a sphere and a glider back and forth to keep moving. With the help of the terrain below you and the clouds above you can build colossal speeds and get in Venture into unimagined heights. Experience beautiful sci-fi planets, soar through cloudscape, slide and roll down hills and mountains and drift towards the horizons of unexplored planets. Atmospheric, varied visuals combine with a hypnotic guitar soundtrack. Open a wormhole and get up mankind’s first voyage outside the solar system. ”

Last actual video: Gnowee Trailer

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Trailer shows flight planet Gnowee


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