Travel in 2021: Anyone entering Germany will now receive confused warning SMS from the federal government


Since March 1st, travelers who come to Germany have received an automatically generated warning SMS due to the Corona crisis. For them there is now criticism.

If you are currently traveling abroad or want to enter Germany, you have to observe many rules – from an entry registration to quarantine to compulsory corona testing. However, since the measures can differ greatly, depending on which country you are coming from or, in some cases, which federal state you want, a warning SMS from the federal government should now provide a remedy. However, the notification has now met with a lot of criticism.

Corona pandemic: Warning SMS from the federal government when entering Germany

Normally, smartphone owners receive a notification from the network operator when crossing national borders. In addition, however, there is now the government’s warning app, which is intended to help contain the corona pandemic. Everyone who enters Germany has therefore received the following message since March 1st:

“The Federal Government: Willkommen / Welcome! Please note the test / quarantine rules; please follow the rules on tests / quarantine. “

A link leads the travelers to the website of the federal government, where, according to a press release, those affected can obtain “compact information about their duties in connection with the coronavirus, ie quarantine and testing”.

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Warning SMS under criticism: confusing, confusing, difficult to use

The Warn-SMS but already torn apart by the IT group “Zerforschung” on Twitter. Among other things, it is criticized that when people click on the link, they first see an oversized cookie warning in German – although not everyone who enters Germany speaks German. There follows one difficult to use and clear page with numerous linkswhich are supposed to provide further information, but are unlikely to provide any clarification.

Those affected must first decide whether they come from a “risk area”, “high incidence area”, “virus variant area” or from “no risk area”. Anyone who clicks on the link to the Robert Koch Institute, on which this subdivision is explained, would also only be fobbed off with a long text – it would make more sense here Flags, tables or a table of contents, so “Zerforschung”.

Back on the Federal Government’s website, you have to scroll all the way down before the information is finally made available in other languages ​​- but only in the form of non-accessible PDFs. The conclusion of “Zerforschung”: “But we understand that no good solution can be implemented that quickly, it was only about a year.” In a final tweet, the group also explains, well all points of criticism sent to the federal government by fax to have – whether this will actually lead to adjustments remains to be seen.(fk)

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Travel entering Germany receive confused warning SMS federal government


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