Trial kicked off on Tuesday: Ernst August Prince of Hanover wants to accuse eldest son in court


Ernst August Prince of Hanover has to answer before the regional court of Wels in Upper Austria from Tuesday. He is accused of negligently intoxicated and of having injured a policeman while under the influence of alcohol and threatened his housekeepers.

In the course of the process, a psychiatrist will investigate whether the 67-year-old was responsible for his alleged offenses.

Ernst August was admitted to psychiatry after the incident

According to “Bild” information, the 67-year-old wants to deny any responsibility for the incidents and instead assign the blame to his eldest son, Hereditary Prince Ernst August junior. His employees would have given him the alcohol back then – knowing full well that the 67-year-old tends to be alcoholically motivated.

In July 2020, the nobleman, presumably heavily drunk, reportedly called the police on his hunting seat in Upper Austria. He would have stated that he was lying in a ditch and that he escaped an attempted murder. That reported the “Kronen-Zeitung”.

Ernst August is said to have injured police officers

When the officials appeared on site, however, they found the head of the Guelph dynasty in his hunting lodge. He is said to have behaved very aggressively towards the police officers and threatened them with a 30 centimeter long knife sharpener.

After the prince and great-grandson of the last German emperor was temporarily fixed on the ground, he would have slapped an officer in the face. Thereupon, on the advice of a doctor, Ernst August was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, which he was able to leave the following day.

The Guelph Prince, however, raises serious allegations against the police. “I think they were drunk, they at least made the impression,” he said to the “Kronen-Zeitung”. The officers had him “chained in an ambulance and not let out for five hours”.

Ernst August caused a scandal at son Christian’s dream wedding

The incident occurred just days after Ernst August’s younger son Christian became the father of twins. However, it wasn’t the first time the 67-year-old overshadowed family happiness.

Ernst August is said to have sparked a scandal at Christian’s dream wedding with his wife Alessandra in 2018 because he drank several bottles of wine and champagne and was subsequently admitted to a hospital.

In general, the relationship between Ernst August and his sons is considered difficult. Because the Welfen boss also broke up with his older son Ernst August junior due to a protracted dispute over the inheritance. In the meantime, objects of this conflict are even pending in court.

In the trial, Ernst August wants to accuse his eldest son

As “Spiegel” reports, the 67-year-old is suing his son for the return of Mariengut Castle and other properties that he had once given to the 37-year-old. He also accused Ernst August junior of “gross ingratitude”.

And even in the process that starts on Tuesday, Ernst August senior does not seem to shy away from reproaching his eldest son.

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Trial kicked Tuesday Ernst August Prince Hanover accuse eldest son court


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