Tulum instead of Dubai: influencers are jetting CoV rules away


In the USA, Mexico’s beaches are a popular travel destination, also during spring break, the university’s semester break. In Europe, young Britons in particular are likely to have kicked off the Mexico trend in the second year of the coronavirus. The background: Great Britain put the previous Instagram hotspot number one, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), on its red list of countries of origin on January 29th. This means that travelers returning from Dubai and Co. have to go into quarantine in a hotel for ten days.

In order to avoid this and since almost all flights from Dubai to London were canceled a short time later, some stars and starlets, among them actors from the British reality series “Love Island”, set out for equally sunny climes , just a little further west: Mexico is not on the UK red list.

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Things are going well on the beaches of Mexico – you don’t notice much of the coronavirus pandemic there

“Didn’t think that I would still be able to go ice this year”

The many Britons were followed by thousands more from other European countries, including influencers from Austria. “Vacation 2021? Didn’t think that I would still be able to go ice this year. I am all the more grateful that I can now be here in Mexico in Tulum. Entry was unproblematic and I can recommend it to anyone who wants a break, ”writes an Austrian beauty influencer in her Instagram post.

Other social media stars, on the other hand, keep their whereabouts a secret, possibly due to more than just recognition from their travels during the pandemic. A trained eye can still see in pictures and videos which holiday destination is – and especially the posts from Tulum and Cancun are piling up.

Between harsh criticism and admiration

But for every person who is currently posting pictures from a beach vacation, there are several angry users who feel that they have been treated unfairly because they comply with the coronavirus rules at home. Many complain online about ignorant Instagramers who do not know their privileges and do not take into account the consequences for others.

Maya-Ruine am Strand in Tulum

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The dream beaches in Tulum are open – but with a negative aftertaste: The country has the third highest CoV death rate worldwide

Because it doesn’t stop with lonely and safe walks on the beach: Rather, it is celebrated in clubs without mouth and nose protection and without a safe distance, as numerous Instagram stories show. Others also criticize that travel for beautiful photos should not be a business trip, so traveling during a pandemic is not absolutely necessary.

“Fly around and encourage people to travel”

The Mexican economy, especially in coastal towns like Tulum, Cancun and Cabo, is heavily dependent on tourism. Nevertheless, during the pandemic, critics upset that influencers are sometimes traveling to poorer countries and exposing employees there to health risks.

“Influencers fly around and encourage their followers to travel because they tell how easy it is I will soon be completely freaked out,” wrote a Twitter user about the current debate. Fans, on the other hand, are thrilled. “Enjoy it” and “Have fun in the sun” are the comments that are allowed to remain under the influencers’ beauty shots.

No quarantine requirement in Mexico

In any case, the Mexican state is not putting a stop to tourist activity. Tourists do not have to be in quarantine or have a negative coronavirus test. Most beach resorts reportedly require a completed health questionnaire. There are only a few restrictions for Mexicans. For many, life seems to go on normally. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador came under fire for taking an approach to dealing with the virus that was too loose for many.

But if you want to return to Austria from Mexico, you have to go into a ten-day home quarantine. Upon entry, either a negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours) or a negative antigen test (not older than 48 hours) is required. If such proof cannot be provided, the test must be taken within 24 hours. The quarantine can be ended with a negative PCR or antigen test at the earliest on the fifth day after arrival. The Foreign Ministry warns against all non-essential travel. There is a security level six travel warning for Mexico.

Around 126 million people live in Mexico. As of March 27, more than 2.2 million cases of Covid-19 and nearly 201,000 coronavirus-related deaths had been recorded in the Central American country, according to the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) dashboard in Baltimore. This is the third highest number of CoV deaths worldwide. The number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher, the JHU depends on locally registered data. According to Our World in Data, the 14-day incidence in Mexico is officially 50.9 – in comparison: In Austria the 14-day incidence is 474.6.

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Tulum Dubai influencers jetting CoV rules


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