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Outcry in Turkey! A video of violent violence against a woman causes horror. The Turkish government has intervened – and promises that the perpetrator will be punished with all the severity of the law.

The incredible scenes occurred on Saturday evening in the northern Turkish city of Samsun. You can see a man attacking his ex-wife, who is lying on the floor.

The perpetrator, identified as İbrahim Z. (27), kicks the 25-year-old’s head with full force. He slaps her face, lifts her head, slams it on the floor.

Z. kicks the head of his unconscious ex-wife with full force

The five-year-old daughter stands helplessly and screams. Residents call from surrounding houses and try to stop Z. But he keeps going on, hitting and kicking the unconscious woman completely uninhibited.

According to reports, the outbreak of violence was preceded by a dispute over their child. The couple has been divorced for three years. During the interrogation, Z. claimed that he had drunk alcohol and could not remember anything. I’m sorryPhoto: Twitter

According to the state news agency Anadolu, Z. was arrested that evening and an arrest warrant issued for attempted willful manslaughter!

His ex-wife came to the hospital after the horrific attack. According to Anadolu, she was initially unresponsive, but according to official information, her life is not in danger.

The video of the fact was widely shared on social media and sparked sharp reactions. The communications director of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Fahrettin Altun, described the act as “brutality”, which is angry. Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül spoke of one of the “most despicable examples of violence against women”.

The organization “We will stop the murder of women” called for the implementation of regulations for the protection of women: “How often do we have to tell the authorities what to do? When will the law finally be enforced? “

A femicide practically every day

Violence against women is a serious problem in Turkey. In 2020, “We will stop feminicide!” Counted 300 murders of women: 97 of the victims were accordingly killed by their husband, 54 by their partner, 38 by an acquaintance, 29 by an ex-partner, 18 by a son, 17 by her father, five from a brother.

There are also 171 other suspected cases, according to the platform.

The most common motive for the crime: the murderers cannot cope with a woman making a decision against them – for example wanting to get divorced or rejecting a marriage or relationship.

In Germany, 117 women were last killed by their (ex) partners within a year, 191 escaped loudly Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the none more initiative trying.

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Turkey horrified violence video man steps exwife child stands news


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