Twitter queen is fed up – Chrissy Teigen has 14 million followers


The model is famous for her quick-witted tweets, Trump even blocked her because of it. Now she withdraws from the platform. Twitter has more disadvantages than advantages for them.

Say goodbye to Twitter: Chrissy Teigen, here at an Oscar party in February 2020.

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Model, presenter and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen announced her departure from Twitter on Wednesday evening and deactivated the account on it. Her withdrawal comes as a surprise – after all, the 35-year-old American is, or was, referred to as the queen of the social media platform.

Because Teigen is a phenomenon: She perfected the viral tweet. Again and again, their pointed brief messages made the rounds, especially their infamous swipes against Donald Trump caused a sensation. Around 14 million people followed her last – including the incumbent US President Joe Biden.

But now Teigen has weathered.

Quick-witted and unfiltered

Teigen wrote in a Twitter thread on Wednesday: «For over ten Years you are my world. I honestly owe so much to this world we have created here. I really consider so many of you to be my real friends. But it’s time for me aTo say goodbye. ” She is no longer the same person as when she started tweeting.

What happened to the funny, confident Twitter luminary?

Teigen had built a brand for herself with her online presence on Twitter. With quick-wittedness and sometimes very unfiltered insights into her everyday life, she stood out from other celebrities. She is also loved for her sarcastic humor. Teigen, who is married to hit singer John Legend, says that she always has a piece of paper in her pocket that says “It was John” says. “In case I get killed. I don’t want him to marry again. “

But Teigen could also be serious: she tweeted bluntly about taboo topics and was not afraid to reveal a lot about herself. She spoke openly about her artificial insemination (her children were conceived through in vitro fertilization), her body hair and her abstinence from alcohol. Teigen tweeted in front of 13.7 million people, something that others don’t even dare to do.

The Twitter skirmishes with Trump

She became famous and notorious as an outspoken critic of Trump. She was with him again and again Twitter-Gefencing. When the then US President tweeted, “We have to keep the ‘evil’ out of our country!” Teigen replied: “What time should we order you an Uber?”

Teigen’s taunts got under Trump’s skin at some point – he launched a counterattack. In ar its midnight Twitter-Tito guess complained Trump about itthat his initiative for legal reform from prominent proponents, including «ofm boringn Musician John Legend and hisr vulgarn Mrs»would not be properly praised. In 2017, the then US president blocked the model.

“I feel like everyone hates me.”

Chrissy Teigen on Twitter

The incumbent US President Joe Biden has also cemented Teigen’s power on Twitter. He follows just twelve people – including Chrissy Teigen. By then it was clear: you just have to follow it.

Hateful comments after miscarriage

But the hype about Teigen also has its downsides – the model gets a lot of hateful comments on social media. When she miscarried last year, she shared her grief and pain with the world via Instagram. Teigen and her husband published a photo in which she can be seen crying in the hospital bed.

Chrissy Teigen was heavily criticized for this insight into her private life. Many users found the post to be “intrusive”. Teigen was even targeted by QAnon supporters – among other things, they accused her of being part of the pedophile ring of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

It was too much now. After the heavy headwind and the terrible loss, Teigen withdrew and, according to his own statements, fell into a hole. Just last week, she wrote on Twitter: “I feel like everyone hates me.”

Now she has drawn a line and left Twitter. In her last tweets, she makes her followers aware of the power that words have. You didn’t manage to learn “how to block out the negativity”. Then Teigen says goodbye in her own way: “I’m just a sensitive shit, okay !? I don’t wanna be like that! I just am! But I love you guys and I value our time together, I really do. I hate you too

Teigen won’t go away. Her Instagram account with 34 million followers is still active.

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