Two German vacationers housed in the Covid Hotel on Mallorca


Two German vacationers are staying in the so-called Corona or Covid Hotel on Mallorca. A total of eleven people are in the quarantine hotel, six of them are tourists, a spokeswoman for the Balearic Ministry of Health said on request this Tuesday. The other four vacationers are from a family from Croatia. The other isolated people are island residents, all of them with no or only mild symptoms of the disease. Further details on those affected were not given.

The quarantine hotel is the Palma Bay conference hotel of the Palma Convention Center, which is operated by the MeliĆ” chain. The hotel group made the building available to the government last year, initially as a makeshift hospital until June 2020. After that, the hotel became quarantine accommodation for people who tested positive, for example, who could not sufficiently separate themselves from the rest of the family in their own apartment.

There are currently 25 rooms available in Palma Bay for positive corona cases without symptoms of illness. The number can be increased to 250 at any time if necessary, said the spokeswoman.

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German vacationers housed Covid Hotel Mallorca


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