Tyrannosaurus Rex flattens everyone


It was an uphill battle in “The Masked Singer” 2021. Victory was then secured by an extinct species – the dinosaur Sasha. He even relegated modern talking singer Thomas Anders to the lower ranks.

Trampling and heartbreaking warble: Pop singer Sasha (“If You Believe”) won the German music show “The Masked Singer” in the costume of a cute Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The 49-year-old secured the most votes from the audience in the final battle – then he took off the mask in which he had stomped on the stage in the past few weeks. It was a kind of miniature version of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with pajamas and braces that you hardly had to fear. However, the costume wasn’t easy to wear. “It’s a head sauna,” said Sasha when he was finally able to get some fresh air.

But the dinosaur taught fear from the competition. The king lizard trampled into the final without any problems. There she prevailed in the end against the leopard, in which – as it now turned out – soul singer Cassandra Steen was hiding. Singer Ross Antony (formerly Bro’Sis) in a sparkling flamingo costume and ex-modern-talking singer Thomas Anders came in behind the top duo. Anders slipped out of a turtle outfit with a pirate hat. As a sidekick, the toad captain had a talking parrot with him – a reference to his modern-talking partner Dieter Bohlen.

“I’m very, very happy and relieved,” Sasha admitted after his triumph. He said he had a certain incentive. «My thing was like this: either get out immediately. Or finale. “

Born as Sascha Schmitz, the musician has been part of the German music circus for decades. He became known in 1998 for Young Deenay’s hit “Walk On By”, in which he sang the chorus. This was followed by great personal chart successes with English-language titles such as “I Feel Lonely” or “If You Believe”. After that he kept reinventing himself – for example as a rockabilly singer Dick Brave or with a German-language album.

This versatility alone had made the singer’s name a kind of running gag in “The Masked Singer” in the past, where celebrities sing in elaborate costumes and don’t want to be recognized. Hardly a season went by without someone seriously assuming that Sasha was under one of the masks.

The most obvious piece of evidence that spoke for Sasha this season was how the dinosaur was celebrating his ability to play different musical styles – he sang ballads by Celine Dion as well as hip-hop of the Sugarhill Gang. “I already enjoyed that as a child. Slipping into different characters or imitating different performers, ”said Sasha.

Once again, Sasha, a professional singer, won the ProSieben show, in which this time, among others, “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers was revealed as a dancing chick and pop singer Guildo Horn as a vigorous bull. In the previous season, Sarah Lombardi had triumphed as an ice skeleton. A fifth season is announced for the fall.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex flattens


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