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Striker Lukas Nmecha failed with a hand penalty on the inside post (72nd) and forgave the big one Chance to victory. Amos Pieper hit the bar just before the end (90th), Mateo had in the first half Klimowicz free from Romania Keeper the great opportunity to lead (24th). But the longed-for hit hadn’t wanted to fall. Opponents at the start of the K.o.– The phase in Slovenia is on May 31st, Denmark, France or Russia. Despite being equal on points, Romania was eliminated because of the poorer goal difference compared to the Netherlands and Germany.

Romania starts aggressively

After a research start in Romania, the team from coach Stefan Kuntz took control and dominated the first half. After the break, Romania was briefly stronger in the heated game, the DFB-Elf still had the better chances.

The team of coach Adrian Mutu approached the game aggressively and passionately and worked out the first big chance. Alexandru Matan’s flick hit the post (5th). Germany tried hard to resist and to get into the game through the duels.

Klimowicz is in the lead

Klimowicz (24th) had the greatest chance for an early lead. The 20-year-old was free after a fine pass from Mergim Berisha and opted for a lob, which could be cleared before the goal line.

DFB keeper Finn Dahmen was initially unemployed after the Romanian initial offensive. Defensively, the German team hardly allowed anything. Offensively, they combined nicely, but small voting errors and the lack of pull to the goal did not create many high-caliber scoring chances.

Nmecha awards from the point, cod locked

Romania held against it with struggle and toughness, the German team came closer and closer to the opening goal. Berisha’s shot was blocked (42nd).

Also in the third INGame of the German team it was 0-0 after 45 minutes. With the knowledge of the leadership of the Netherlands in the parallel game against Hungary (final score 6: 1), the pressure on the DFB-Elf grew, which could not afford to lose. The German game was now lacking calm, with dangerous standards of the Romanians the tremors broke out.

Intense but not malicious game: nine yellow cards

After the break, things continued to be very competitive and the tension increased. The game was now more balanced, but also heated – the referee distributed several yellow cards in a short time. Midfielder Niklas Dorsch also received his second “yellow” in the tournament and thus missed the quarter-finals. The greatest chance to make everything clear for Germany was then given by Nmecha vom Punkt.

Stand: 30.03.2021, 20:08

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U21EM DFBElf trembles quarterfinals U21 football


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