U21 EM: Hungary vs. Germany watch live on TV and LIVE-STREAM today


The German U21 national team has to play against Hungary at the start of the European Championship. Goal explains how the match will be broadcast.

The German U21 national team is playing the first game in the preliminary round today European Championship – Opponent is the choice Hungary. The kick-off in the MOL Arena Sosto in Szekesfehervar (Hungary) is at 9 p.m. today.

The U21 European Championship takes place this year under exceptional circumstances: Unlike ordinary (inter) continental tournaments like the IN or WM the senior: inside, will the U21 EM held at two different times.

The first period starts today and runs until March 31st – this week each national team plays against its three group opponents. The second phase will be from May 31st to June 6th, then Quarter-finals, semi-finals and Finale played out.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Hungary Italy


Germany Slovenia


Romania Spain



Czech Republic



How does the German U21 national team start the tournament? Can you secure the three important points against the home team or does Stefan Kuntz’s team stumble? Goal explains everything about the transmission of the U21.

Germany in Hungary: This is how the game of the U21 European Championship takes place

U21 EM: Hungary vs. Germany LIVE on TV today: This is how the European Championship can be seen on TV

The U21 is an important part of every football association: after all, this is where players come into play who can gain experience with the national team – the best of their age groups.

At the European Championship 2009, for example, six players played for Germany, five years later the World title in Brazil could win – one more reason to take a closer look at this EM.

Enormous transfer values: Europe’s best young players play at the U21 EM

It is undisputed that the talent in the U21 national teams worldwide, despite their young age, is high: the same five Bundesliga clubs have a lower transfer value (estimated by transfermarkt.de) than the German U21 national team (106 million euros).

The French U21 national team is in a completely different sphere: 535 million euros, that is five times the German selection, is the estimated transfer value here!

So it is not surprising that there are so many followers: inside all over the world, but also in Germany, that Play LIVE on TV want to look at. But will the opening game between Hungary and Germany even be broadcast today?

U21 EM on TV: Hungary vs. Germany will be broadcast on free TV today!

No reason to worry: Yes, the game of the German U21 national team can be seen on TV today! Private broadcaster ProSieben is broadcasting the game between the U21s of Hungary and Germany today.

The distribution across the tournament will be as follows: ProSieben will broadcast every game of the German U21s at this European Championship. ProSieben Maxx, a special interest broadcaster of the ProSieben-Sat1 group, will also broadcast a large part of the other games of the European championship.

Germany in Hungary: This is how ProSieben broadcasts the U21 EM

Back to ProSieben and the German U21 national team this Wednesday: the broadcast begins “ran football” already at 8.15 p.m., so three quarters of an hour before kick-off.

  • Kickoff: 21 clock
  • Start of transmission: 8.15 p.m.
  • TV channel: ProSieben

Watch Hungary vs. Germany for free: This is how you receive ProSieben on TV

You don’t know how you can receive ProSieben? This is easy and free possible, the private broadcaster offers its program in Free-TV at! How you can find the program while browsing the station or manually is summarized here.

Also in HD and UltraHD ProSieben can be received – but of course you have to have the right TV set. You can read here how to set up the particularly sharp images.

Lars Lukas Mai DFB-Team U21

U21 EM: See Germany in Hungary today for free in LIVE STREAM – that’s how it works

The U21 European Championship starts the games today at 6 p.m. Slovenia vs. Spain and Italy vs. Czech Republic, at 9 p.m. the German U21s will start the tournament. We have already explained that the game against Hungary will be broadcast on TV, but how does it work on TV Internet?

Hungary vs. Germany in LIVE STREAM: This is how ProSieben broadcasts the U21 European Championship on the Internet

Even fans who don’t have a TV at home don’t have to worry: ProSieben is now more than just a TV station. It is also possible to see the program LIVE on the Internet!

All you have to do is go to the homepage prosieben.de to go and there on the tab “LIVE“To be able to see the program there, you have to log in free with a E-Mail-Address to register.

ran broadcasts: This is how you see the U21 EM in LIVE-STREAM

It is even easier, without any registration, to do it LIVE-STREAM but also follow on another platform: “ran“, the ProSieben sports program, is also broadcasting the game on its website today.

Under ran.de you should start the transmission directly with the article or link that goes to the LIVE-STREAM leads, be greeted, alternatively, after a short scrolling, there is an overview of the current and upcoming LIVE STREAMS. Alternatively, you should here go straight to the game.

U21 EM: Hungary versus Germany mobile streaming – that’s how it works!

Of course you don’t just have to watch the game in your browser, there are other ways to watch the game in the LIVE-STREAM to pursue. For example, if you’re on the Handy or Tablet are on the way, the stream offers itself with the App an.

The line-ups of the U21 European Championship: This is how Germany and Hungary play

Line-up Hungary U21:

Bese – Bolla, Balogh, Mocsi, Deutsch – Kata, Mezei – Palincsar, Szendrei, T. Kiss – SzΓΆke

Line-up DFB U21:

Finn Dahmen from FSV Mainz 05 is in the goal of the German U21 national team at the European Championship opener against Hungary. DFB coach Stefan Kuntz, who had left the goalkeeper question open until the end, gave Dahmen the preference over Lennart Grill (Bayer Leverkusen) and Markus Schubert from Eintracht Frankfurt.

Dahmen has only played one Bundesliga game for Mainz this season.

Dahmen – Vagnoman, Schlotterbeck, Pieper, Raum, – Dorsch, Maier, Burkardt – Nmecha, Berisha, Baku

Hungary U21 vs. Germany U21 LIVE today: The preliminary report for the EM

For the German U21s around Stefan Kuntz and teenager Youssoufa Moukoko, a “special” EM starts on Wednesday. Only one win counts at the start against hosts Hungary.

Cologne / Szekesfehervar (SID) Youssoufa Moukoko laughed and danced around the slalom poles, while Stefan Kuntz watched with satisfaction: Before the “by far the most unusual start of an EM”, the German U21s were in a good mood despite all the Corona obstacles. “We used the slogan ‘Special times, special team'”, said DFB coach Kuntz after the first, fun training session in Hungary: “Now we have to fill this sentence with life.”

The circumstances are indeed special. Just two days after arrival, things will get serious for the DFB team on Wednesday against hosts Hungary (9 p.m. / ProSieben). A single team training session had to be enough before the first kick-off. “Then we’ll just play a group game without any preparation,” said Kuntz in the German team hotel on the shores of Lake Velence.

Nevertheless, only one win counts against the blatant outsider Hungary in Szekesfehervar, Kuntz knows that too. The top game against the Netherlands will follow on Saturday, when the 58-year-old sees his team in the role of outsiders. A look at the market values ​​of all EM players is sufficient proof. “As the most valuable German, Ridle Baku is 31st,” said Kuntz: “And after that no one comes for a long time.”

But: Baku from Wolfsburg (17.0 million euros) is followed by an extremely melodious, hope-giving name with a value of ten million – Youssoufa Moukoko. The 16-year-old from Borussia Dortmund is in the squad for the first time and could become the youngest player in German U21 history against Hungary.

Nevertheless, Kuntz warned against having too high expectations of the teenager. “The fact that Youssoufa was playing in the Bundesliga at the age of 16 speaks for his extraordinary talent. But we work a lot with these talents and we have seen a lot of talent fail,” said Kuntz. Moukoko’s integration into the team has worked well so far. “When I look at him like that while he’s eating, I think we don’t have to worry,” said Kuntz.

However, it is quite possible that Moukoko will have to sit on the bench first. In general, the selection of the first team is not that easy, as not all players in their clubs have regular seats.

On the one hand, he wanted to see “who is currently running,” said Kuntz, but at the same time he wanted to “hold the line to those actors who did a lot for us”.

In addition to captain Arne Maier from Arminia Bielefeld, the regular tribe includes the Belgian legionnaires Lukas Nmecha (RSC Anderlecht) and Niklas Dorsch (KAA Gent), but also Salih Γ–zcan from 1. FC KΓΆln, Amos Pieper (Bielefeld) and Nico Schlotterbeck ( Union Berlin). Pieper emphasized in Hungary that he was “even more excited” about the European Championship “precisely because of” the difficult circumstances.

The goal remains first or second in the group to reach the quarter-finals at the end of May. And until then, the team has to deal with the special circumstances such as eating at individual tables in the 300 square meter dining room.

“We really have to deal with a lot of new things here,” said Kuntz: “But it would have done a little less too.”

The likely German team line-up: Grill – Vagnoman, Pieper, Schlotterbeck, Raum – Baku, Maier, Γ–zcan, Jakobs – Nmecha, Berisha. – Trainer: Kuntz

Hungary U21 vs. Germany U21 LIVE today: This is how the European Championship is shown

Transmission method











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