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Croatia vs. Switzerland

96′ Playing
Final whistle!

The Swiss U21 national team loses their second group game against Croatia in an unfortunate and unnecessary way. The race to catch up at the end came too late. In the end, the Swiss failed because of themselves and the lack of efficiency. The Prestige victory against England was followed by a setback against Croatia.

Opportunity for Switzerland!

This is the chance for the national team to equalize! Felix Mambimbi comes to an end in the sixteenth. But fails again Dominik Kotarski. The Swiss press on the draw.

It will 6 minutes re-enacted! Can Switzerland still manage the balance?
89′Goal Goal
Goal for Switzerland!

Provoked after a corner kick Jasper van der Werff the own goal of Sandro Kulenovic. Suddenly it’s Switzerland’s turn again!

The Swiss no longer seem capable of reacting. The national team seems tired and not as present as over long stretches of the game.

84′Substitution Substitution
Another change for the Croatians: for goal scorers Dario Vizinger comes Sandro Kulenovic.
79′Goal Goal
Goal for Switzerland after penalty!

After a handball the Croat takes Kastriot Imeri Run-up from the penalty spot. The Swiss stay ice cold and bring Switzerland back into the game!

77′Substitution Substitution
Triple change in Croatia: For Nikolas Moro, Bartol Franjic and Dario Spikic come Mihael zaper, Kresimir Krizmanic and David Colina.
64′Substitution Substitution
Seconds after the new goal reacts Mauro Lustrinelli with further changes: Tony Domgjoni and Andi Zeqiri will be through Felix Mambimbi and Alexandre jankewitz replaced.
63′Goal Goal
Goal for Croatia!

Nikolas Moro sends Dario Vizinger steep with a brilliant pass. The Croat leaves Anthony Racioppi no chance and shoots the ball flat into the far corner. Now it’s going to be tough for the Swiss.

60′Goal Goal
Goal for Croatia after penalty!

Nikola Moro takes a run-up and loads goalie Anthony Racioppi skillfully and safely pushes in. The next blow in the neck for Switzerland.

60′Substitution Substitution
Triple change in Switzerland: Petar Pusic, Simon Som and Silvan Sidler will be through Kevin Rüegg, Dan Ndoye and Katriot Imeri replaced.
The next chance for Croatia!

Kristijan Bistrovic is played in the penalty area. His hammer is from Cedric Zesiger just decisively distracted. That was extremely hot!

Chance for Croatia!

After a long-range shot must Anthony Racioppi fend off to the front. Luka Ivanusec is ready for the dusting. But the Swiss goalie parried the margin excellently with his foot. Great parade!

Opportunity for Switzerland!

Again has Jeremy Guillemenot the chance to equalize. The Swiss stands after another buck from Dominik Kotarski alone in front of the goalie and forgives miserably.

48′Yellow card Yellow card
The Swiss Jasper van der Werff pulls the tactical foul in midfield and is cautioned.
45′Kickoff Kickoff
Go on!

Can the Swiss U21 national team turn the tables against Croatia again and make the step into the knockout phase clear today?

48′Pause Pause
Half time in this second group game!

Switzerland lies because of the double buck of Anthony Racciopi in arrears and would have had several options to equalize the score. So far the efficiency of the national team is missing. That can only get better in the second round.

48′Yellow card Yellow card
The Swiss Silvan Sidler Seconds before the break, he sees the yellow card after a radical slide from the side. See in the same way Bartol Franjic after a tactical foul and Dario Vizinger from Croatia the box.
The Swiss would have deserved the compensation long ago. But are not efficient in front of the opposing goal. The Croatians focus on counter-attack situations.
The next chance for Switzerland!

Again it is Jeremy Guillemenotcoming to a conclusion. But his shot is too central and can of Dominik Kotarski be parried. The margin of Silvan Sidler flies into the goalie’s tentacles.

Swiss protests!

Dominik Kotarski comes out with his fist to clarify. Hits the ball but also Jeremy Guillemenot in the penalty area. The referee immediately waves it away. There is no VAR at the U21 European Championship.

26′Substitution Substitution
The Croatians have to change early due to injury: Martin erlic is through Mario Vuskovic replaced.
What an opportunity for Switzerland!

This time the goat comes from the Croatia goalie Dominik Kotarski. Jeremy Guillemenot is sent immediately steep. His lifter goes over the goalkeeper, but also over the gate. That should be the balance!

Opportunity for Switzerland!

Andi Zeqiri combines nicely with the Croatian sixteen. In the end comes Bastien Toma in conclusion. Goalie Dominik Kotarski has to take a long time and can defend to the side.

Avoidable damper for the Swiss U21 in this starting phase. Can the team of Mauro Lustrinelli react?
8′Goal Goal
Goal for Croatia!

What a buck of Anthony Racciopi. The Swiss goalie plays the tee shot straight into the opponent’s feet. Luka Ivanusec pulls off immediately and caught Racciopi against the barrel in the long corner. Stupid goal for Switzerland!

7′Yellow card Yellow card
The Swiss go early and force the Croatians to make mistakes in the structure. Horvoje Babec from Croatia is clearly too late in the duel and receives a warning early.
Opportunity for Switzerland!

Andi Zeqiri after a few seconds with the opportunity to take a tour. He pushes the ball just past the far post.

0′Kickoff Kickoff

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