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Money distribution one of the biggest points of contention

Lars-Christer Olsson, President of the European league association, European Leagues, reported at the General Assembly on Friday (March 26th, 2021) that UEFA had guaranteed him that only it would make the final decisions in the competitions in the future. The fear is clear: if the big clubs are responsible for marketing, their influence on the distribution of money will also increase.

The distribution of money is one of the big issues. The national leagues, many of which have developed permanent champions such as Bayern Munich, Juventus Turin or Paris Saint-Germain, fear an increase in the differences between large and small clubs. They are therefore campaigning for a higher proportion of payments to be made to clubs that do not participate in the European Cup when the finances are reorganized. This should counteract the growing inequality.

More games, no groups: UEFA wants to completely change the mode

Numerous stakeholders are currently arguing about the design of the European Cup competitions from 2024. The current proposal by UEFA calls for 36 instead of 32 teams in the Champions League to determine the participants in the knockout round in a league instead of in group matches as before.

The national leagues criticize the high number of preliminary round matches, which would increase from six to ten for each club. There is also criticism of the plan to enable at least two teams to qualify for an “emergency” over a ten-year period in order to protect ailing big clubs. The final decision is made by the 18-person UEFA Executive Committee, in which DFB Vice President Rainer Koch also votes. Many fan alliances also criticize the reform.

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UEFA dispute reform Champions League decision postponed Champions League football


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