Unlimited tariff for only 14.99 euros and can be canceled monthly


With this mobile phone tariff you can surf and stream as much as you want – for only 14.99 euros per month! You can find all information right here.

If you are looking for a mobile phone tariff without a limit, you should definitely take a look at Mobilcom-Debitel’s offer. Because on this special order page you can now purchase the tariff ”

O2 Free Unlimited Basic

“in the monthly cancelable version. You pay per month

only 14.99 euros

which corresponds to the absolute best price. Because at O2, new customers pay 34.99 euros for the same tariff, which is a whopping 20 euros more per month. You will also receive the Mobilcom Debitel tariff

four months of Deezer free

. The

Offer is expected to be valid until March 29, 2021


Click here for the offer: Unlimited LTE data volume for only 14.99 euros (can be canceled monthly)

The tariff data at a glance:

  • Provider: Mobilcom-Debitel

  • Tarif-Basis: O2 Free Unlimited Basic

  • Network: O2

  • Unlimited LTE data volume (2 Mbit / s)

  • Telefon-Flat

  • SMS-Flat

  • VoLTE & WLAN Call

  • Minimum contract term: 1 month

  • Monthly price: 14.99 euros (from 25th month 29.99 euros)

  • Connection fee 19.99 euros

  • Promotion ends on March 29th, 2021

Click here for the offer: Unlimited LTE data volume for only 14.99 euros (can be canceled monthly)

The conditions are very good for a cell phone tariff that offers unlimited data volume. Small downer, which is basically not one: the speed is only 2 Mbit / s. You can use all applications such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and Co. without any problems. Music streaming via Spotify or Deezer also works on the go. you can even stream videos on YouTube and Netflix in normal quality on the go. From the 25th month the monthly price increases, keep this in mind if you want to cancel.

In addition to the tariff, you receive four months of Deezer free of charge. You can cancel at any time during the trial period if you don’t like the offer. After the test period, the service costs 9.99 euros per month and can be canceled on a monthly basis.

Alternative with higher speed

If you are still looking for a tariff with particularly high bandwidth and a lot of data volume, then we can recommend the following two tariffs. With Mobilcom-Debitel you get a whopping 20 and 60 GB of data at a speed of 225 Mbit / s. In addition, you are very flexible as you can cancel on a monthly basis.

20 GB LTE with 225 Mbit / s in the O2 network for only 16.99 euros – can be canceled monthly

60 GB LTE with 225 Mbit / s in the O2 network for only 29.99 euros – can be canceled monthly

Unlimited data volume with 225 Mbit / s in the O2 network per day EUR 0.99 – can be canceled daily

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Unlimited tariff euros canceled monthly


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