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The bosses of the Handball Bundesliga (HBL) reacted angrily to Filip Jicha’s statements about the hunted down dates. The THW Kiel coach had predicted dire consequences for the players in the NDR interview.

Frank Bohmann wanted to “urgently put Jicha’s remarks into perspective”. It is “a very steep assumption” whether the current match day planning is actually shortening your career, said the HBL managing director.

The THW coach had spoken of a stressful situation for top athletes, “which will definitely leave its mark. In the end, these weeks of hassling appointments will certainly shorten some professional careers a bit. I am convinced of that,” said Jicha. The appointment hunt in the Corona crisis is “just crazy”.

“As an alternative, we could also break off the league. That would turn off the money in this existence-threatening situation, and it would certainly shorten careers for many of those involved in handball as a whole.”
Frank Bohmann

Schwenker: “I wish me more constructiveness”

Even with Uwe Schwenker, the statements of the THW coach meet with incomprehension. “I value Filip Jicha as a coach and personality very much, and his success proves him right. He’s allowed to knock you out, but these statements are unreflective and unfair,” said the HBL President: “It’s not the way you go under Athletes deal with each other. I would like this debate to be more constructive. “

VIDEO: THW coach Jicha: “The load will leave traces” (3 min)

Hunting for appointments even bigger earlier?

According to the former THW manager, he does not want to downplay the burden on the players in Kiel. But in the past this was by no means lower. On the contrary: It should be noted that “compared to the 2018/2019 season – the THW has played eight fewer games in the league, three games fewer in the cup and the German national team in Kiel played ten fewer games at the World Cup.” , so swivel and added. “The so-called appointment hunt has been greater in the previous seasons.”

Clubs were against shortened season

Bohmann emphasized that the schedule was coordinated “both before the season and continuously in the weekly jour fixe with all clubs and also with the THW Kiel”. A shortened season in order to have fewer games, added Schwenker, had “so far not been in the interests of the two Champions League participants and certainly not in the interests of the other national and second division clubs”.

Szilagyi criticizes the HBL bosses’ reaction

THW managing director Viktor Szilagyi, on the other hand, was irritated by the sharp reaction of the HBL bosses. Jicha “only pointed out the particular challenges faced by the pandemic, the fixtures that were condensed by quarantine situations and possible long-term consequences,” said Szilagyi. Attacking the THW coach “therefore, personally, in public, is really unfair and unreflective. The sharpness that was brought into the discussion is not constructive and incomprehensible to me,” he added.

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The German national handball coach Alfred Gislason.  © picture alliance / augenklick / J¸rgen fromme / firo

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