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1. FC Kaiserslautern does not come to rest. The newly elected supervisory board just four weeks ago loses a member who raises serious allegations against the association’s bodies. The club’s committees have now commented on it.

On Friday the unrest at 1. FC Kaiserslautern was once again great. In the middle of the sporting struggle for existence in the 3rd division, the Red Devils were hit by another leadership crisis. The deputy chairman of the supervisory board, Bernhard Koblischek, resigned from the third division with immediate effect and raised serious allegations against the association’s bodies.

“I am forced to take this step”

“Because of numerous incidents that I became aware of in the first four weeks of my work, or that were brought to my knowledge, but above all because of the behavioral mechanisms encountered and continued by various bodies in the association, I feel compelled to take this step”, Koblischek justified his withdrawal just four weeks after his election at the general meeting of the Palatinate.

The 61-year-old emphasized that he cannot and does not want to share “responsibility for possible consequences of the actions of previous and current management and supervision”. These are processes’ “which I can neither reconcile with my actual understanding of values ​​nor with my understanding of law and statute”. Koblischek did not give any details.

Have you repeatedly influenced your day-to-day sports operations?

According to information from the SWR, the origin of the resignation lies in a seven-page letter from sports director Boris Notzon, who was released at the beginning of March. In this, Notzon openly accounted for the grievances at FCK. The supervisory and advisory bodies are said to have repeatedly influenced day-to-day sports operations in individual cases. This is in contrast to “any principles of the statutes”, quoted the SWR from the letter.

According to SWR information, Koblischek is said to have asked an independent law firm to deal with the incidents. However, after initial approval, the Supervisory Board rejected this. “You can only change grievances if the majority of the committees want to change them. At no time did I have the feeling that the committees want or can do that,” criticized Koblischek.

Committees take a stand

The honorary council of 1. FC Kaiserslautern eV, the supervisory board of 1. FC Kaiserslautern eV and the board of directors of 1. FC Kaiserslautern eV have now commented on the allegations. “The chairmen of the committees of 1. FC Kaiserslautern eV feel compelled to take a decisive stand against the renewed unrest around the club. In the current situation, it is only necessary to concentrate on athletic survival in the third division,” said a letter , which was published on the homepage of the Palatinate.

An “external and neutral examination of the facts” should take place

And further: “In the interests of the members, the chairmen of the committees assure that the publicly made accusations have reached the committees and are evaluated and processed there in an intensive exchange internally as well as by external lawyers. Since the matter made public is a personnel matter, The association will not make any further public announcements. In order to achieve further legal certainty, the Supervisory Board unanimously decided in its meeting on March 13, 2021 to commission a further external and neutral examination of the facts. The Management Board also agrees with this decision. ”

A surprising turn in the recent committees chaos

The board of directors now agrees to an examination by an independent law firm. A surprising twist in the recent chaos of committees. It is correct that the Supervisory Board unanimously decided on March 13, 2021 to have the accusations formulated by Boris Notzon dealt with by a neutral law firm.

Was Kessler’s withdrawal too much for Koblischeck?

What is not in the statement of the honorary council, supervisory board and executive board of 1. FC Kaiserslautern, however: In an internal email of March 21, 2021, Rainer Keßler – chairman of the supervisory board – tried to avert the processing of the allegations. Keßler writes in it: “We all do not want a possible relegation to be justified with unrest in the committees. […] So we shouldn’t do it either (hiring an independent law firm, editor’s note). “According to information from SWR Sport, it was this backward movement by Keßler that broke the barrel for Koblischeck.

The committees also commented on Koblischeck’s resignation. “In this context we have taken note of the resignation of our colleague from his position as supervisory board member of 1. FC Kaiserslautern eV”, it said succinctly.

Is that settled the matter? It can be doubted for the time being that the calm that is necessary in the sporting struggle for survival is returning.

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