Unrest in the Union faction because of commission payments for masks


Members of the Bundestag from the CDU and CSU are strongly suspected of having enriched themselves in business with corona protective masks. The criticism of them was loud and also came from within their own ranks. For Georg Nüsslein and Nikolas Löbel, the affairs mean the end of their party careers.

Nikolas Löbel at the lectern in the Bundestag. In 2017 he won the Mannheim constituency as a direct candidate.

Christian Spicker / Imago

The word “in line with the market” is likely to hang on for a long time to the CDU member of the Bundestag, Nikolas Löbel. Last year Löbel received a commission of 250,000 euros for brokering FFP2 masks to an operator of old people’s homes and a hospital company. He described the lavish fee in “Spiegel” as “in line with the market”. The 34-year-old admitted, however, that he acted insensitively. On Sunday he drew the consequences: he was stepping down from the Bundestag faction of the CDU and CSU with immediate effect, he wrote in a message. It is important to him to “avert further damage to the party, parliamentary group and all colleagues”. He will resign from his Bundestag mandate at the end of August. In the upcoming federal election in September, he no longer wants to run for his Mannheim constituency.

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Unrest Union faction commission payments masks


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