Update with buff for Agency silencers


A patch for Call of Duty: Warzone was supposed to only undo previous changes to various silencers, instead there were buffs.

The players of the Battle Royale-Titles have been lobbying Raven Software for some time to find hidden changes to the Silencers to undo. According to the developers responsible, an update that was installed on Wednesday (March 3rd) carried out exactly this adjustment, but investigations by the community came to a different conclusion: Raven Software probably went over the target.

Agency silencer becomes an all-purpose attachment

The patch notes for the new version speak of the status of the silencers Agency, TOWER CRANE and Wrapped just to have reset. Tests by the players, on the other hand, have shown that the Agency attachment in particular has strengthen Buffs was provided. This improves the muffler on SMGs not just theirs anymore Range, but also increases the Muzzle velocity. The profit from these changes is also made M16 as well as the AUG. The wrapped attachment now also increases the muzzle velocity of the balls, but its description in the game currently claims that opposite. Well-known CoD experts, who deal with the technical side of the Battle Royale title, are already predicting future nerfs of the new advantages of the silencers.

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Update buff Agency silencers


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