USA – Biden doubles US vaccination target


US President Joe Biden doubled his administration’s vaccination target in the fight against the coronavirus at his first formal press conference. In the first 100 days of his term of office, 200 million vaccinations should now be carried out, he said on Thursday. “I know this is ambitious,” he said. “But no other country in the world has come close to that.”

The US had hit the Biden target of 100 million vaccinations in the past week, more than 40 days ahead of the deadline. The US disease agency CDC announced on Wednesday about 130 million vaccinations and 169 million doses delivered. About 328 million people live in the United States. Biden said fighting the pandemic will be a priority first. He will then focus on longer-term problems such as immigration and gun laws.

Afghanistan: “The only question is when do we go”

Regarding the war in Afghanistan, Biden said it would be difficult to meet the May 1 withdrawal target agreed by his predecessor Donald Trump. However, he could not imagine that American troops would still be in Afghanistan in the coming year. “We’ll go,” emphasized Biden. “The only question is when do we go.”
The president also announced that the Beijing government would not achieve its overall goal of becoming the world’s leading nation during his term in office.

The USA is in tough competition with China, the People’s Republic is investing significantly more than America. It is true that he made it clear to his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping that the US was not looking for a confrontation. However, his government will insist that China abide by international rules for fair competition and fair trade.

But Biden named the situation in North Korea as the most important foreign policy issue. The isolated country had carried out two suspected missile tests hours before Biden’s appearance. “We are consulting with our allies and partners and there will be reactions,” said the president. “If they escalate, we will react accordingly.” It is true that he is ready for “a certain form of diplomacy”. The condition, however, is that denuclearization should take place at the end.

When asked about the 2024 presidential election, Biden said he expected to run again for a second and final term with Vice President Kamala Harris at his side. “I want to run for re-election,” said the now 78-year-old. (Reuters)

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USA Biden doubles vaccination target


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