Users report crashes of Android apps – this is how you can solve the problem


Android: A mistake by Google has apparently caused Android apps to crash for many users. Image: watson

Users report crashes of Android apps – this is how you can solve the problem

Many users are currently reporting crashing Android apps. Apparently the problem is due to a faulty Google system application. The company has now presented a solution.

Numerous Android users are currently having problems with app crashes. The applications suddenly crash shortly after opening. Google apps such as Gmail, but also Twitter, Instagram and watson are affected. The reason for the error is apparently a malfunction in Google’s system application Android System Webviewthat Android apps can use to display web content.

A solution to the error is now available in the form of updates: In order for the crashes to stop, users need to update Android Webview via the Play Store. To do this, search for the app in the Play Store and update it using the update button. This is also how Google Chrome is supposed to be updatedto eliminate any problems.

If the updates cannot be installed at the moment, there is an emergency solution: users can reset the Android System Webview app to the version pre-installed on the respective device. Also the American Samsung support advised this interim solution on Monday evening. However, the better solution is to update the Android System Webview and Google Chrome normally. Old versions of well-known apps are sometimes less protected against hacker attacks than the latest versions.

According to the Android Police website, the problem primarily affected Samsung device owners. But we were also able to reproduce it on a Huawei P30, while everything works smoothly on another P30 device.

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Users report crashes Android apps solve problem


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