Uyghurs – China is imposing sanctions on the US and Canada


China has imposed sanctions on two US citizens and one Canadian in the dispute over the treatment of the Uyghur minority in its Xinjiang province. The chairman of the US Advisory Commission on Worldwide Religious Freedom (USCIRF), Gayle Manchin, and her Vice Tony Perkins are affected, according to a statement by the State Department in Beijing on Saturday. Measures would also be imposed against the Canadian MP Michael Chong. “The Chinese government is determined to maintain its national sovereignty, security and development opportunities,” it said. The parties concerned are urged to “develop a clear understanding of the situation and correct their mistakes”.

Like the EU, the USA and Canada have adopted sanctions against China for dealing with the Uyghur minority. UN human rights experts accuse China, among other things, of detaining at least one million Muslims in camps in the western province of Xinjiang as part of its assimilation policy. The Beijing government rejects allegations of human rights violations. (Reuters)

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Uyghurs China imposing sanctions Canada


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