“Vaccinate me”: Corona song of false colors


The old new wave band Fehlfarben presents a song called “Supergen”. “Kontakt” will follow in May.

Can you make a catchy pop song out of the damn pandemic – or the slogans that it brings us along with all the suffering? If anyone can do it, it’s wrong colors, thought Peter Hein, singer of this 42-year-old German New Wave band who has lived in Vienna for years, and wrote the song “Supergen”, garnished with Frank Fenstermacher’s angry saxophone. The lines of the stanza all begin with the imperative “Impf mich” (add: against doubt, hip-hop, grandchildren’s tricks, hairdressers from Berlin, personal contribution, alpine skiing etc.), in the bridge Hein sings defiantly “I don’t give up, because it is is coming to an end ”, in the chorus he even quotes briefly from the legendary Fehlfarben song, from which at least three book titles have emerged:“ It’s going ahead ” – Follow a song called “Contact” page. Nice. (tk)

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Vaccinate Corona song false colors


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