Vaccination means longer waiting times when testing



Frequent, large-scale testing has now become established in Austria – until enough people have been vaccinated. In Burgenland there is a lot of testing compared to Austria, but recently there have been longer waiting times for registrations. The reason for this is the vaccinations, according to the Coronavirus coordination staff.

There are a total of seven large test and vaccination centers (BITZ) in Burgenland. The fact that you sometimes have to wait several days for a test date in one of these BITZs is due to the – often referred to as sluggish – vaccination system. Because in the BITZ is not only tested, but also vaccinated. On days with a large number of vaccination appointments, there are therefore fewer test appointments available, according to the country’s Coronavirus coordination staff. The staff referred to the test options in the communities and pharmacies, which are intended to relieve the large test centers so that vaccinations can be carried out there.

Coordination staff: No shortage of test materials

In addition, there could always be a greater demand for tests locally for various reasons, for example when companies register a large number of employees for the test. There is “definitely not” a lack of test materials.

Confusion about 7-day incidence value

Meanwhile, the 7-day incidence value for the state capital Eisenstadt in the AGES dashboard continued to cause confusion. Faulty data for Eisenstadt have been published there since March 16 due to a technical problem – more on this in Eisenstadt: High incidence causes confusion. The reason for this lies in the epidemiological reporting system from which the 7-day incidences are calculated, according to the coordination staff. The actual value for Eisenstadt is currently 317 and not 695 as stated by AGES. In the meantime, AGES has also pointed out this incorrect value on its website.

Three different values ​​for Eisenstadt

The municipality said on Wednesday that this value was also incorrect. The Eisenstadt magistrate as the health authority gave a value of 234 on Wednesday morning. How the AGES comes to the corrected value of 317 is not understandable for the municipality, according to a spokeswoman for the city.

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Vaccination means longer waiting times testing


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