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Status: 27.03.2021 5:25 p.m.

Health Minister Spahn announced that a fourth vaccine, Johnson & Johnson, will be inoculated in Germany in mid-April. At the same time he made it clear: Another 14 days of “proper shutdown” were urgently needed.

In view of the rapidly increasing number of coronavirus infections, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn is calling for another lockdown. “If we take the numbers, including the developments today, we actually need another ten to 14 days to really shut down our contacts, our mobility,” said Spahn at an online discussion event organized by the federal government. He appealed “in case of doubt to implement more than the state rules”.

The Robert Koch Institute today reported a seven-day incidence of 124.9. The value is higher than it has been since January 19th. A lockdown is necessary, similar to that at Easter last year, said Spahn. He would also prefer to spend Easter with the larger family, he said. “But it just won’t work this year.” If this wave can be broken before it gets too big in April, then opening steps are then also possible in cities and regions with low numbers of infections, such as in Tübingen.

With a view to the infection process, Spahn warned that the intensive care units were currently filling up again with Covid 19 patients. But there are fewer older people among them. Vaccination works, you can see that. Nevertheless, more weeks have to be bridged. “That can be very, very difficult again, far beyond the load limit, if we don’t break this wave,” warned Spahn.

“What is needed is a lockdown similar to that at Easter last year”. Health Minister Spahn at the Federal Government’s discussion event.

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General practitioners should be able to vaccinate after Easter

With regard to the vaccination campaign, Spahn assumes that from the end of April / beginning of May 80,000 to 100,000 medical practices could administer vaccinations against corona. After Easter, family doctors will begin to be involved in the vaccination campaign, initially with the BionTech vaccine, said Spahn. The AstraZeneca vaccine should also be administered there later. After the general practitioners, the company doctors are to be added.

In addition to the practices, the vaccination centers would also continue to be needed, said Spahn. While general practitioners can offer vaccination consultations for their patients, vaccination centers are well suited to vaccinating certain professional groups on a large scale.

The Minister of Health also defended the adherence to vaccination prioritization. It would not be right to start vaccinating the younger ones until the older ones have been vaccinated. “It saves lives, it is not a bureaucracy,” said the minister.

EMA is reviewing three other vaccines

The President of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, Klaus Cichutek, gave hope for more vaccines in Germany. The European approval authority EMA is currently examining three further preparations in a “rolling review process”. These are an mRNA vaccine from the Tübingen company CureVac, the Russian preparation Sputnik V and a vaccine from the Novovax company. In the “rolling review process”, test results are already checked, even if not all of the results are available.

Spahn added that the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which has already been approved, will probably be used from mid-April, albeit initially in small quantities. There are about 275,000 vaccine doses. “We found out yesterday,” said the CDU politician. Accordingly, the funds of the US group are expected in the week of April 12th. In contrast to many others, the vaccine only has to be injected once.

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Vaccine Germany Johnson Johnson midApril


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