Vaccine hammer: government expects 15.3 million vaccine doses in April – domestic policy


After the sluggish vaccination start since December, the federal government expects a significant increase in vaccine deliveries after Easter!

According to BILD information, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) expects up to 5.5 million new vaccination doses from the manufacturers Biontech, Moderna and AstraZeneca every week between April 5 and May 1.

According to forecasts by the ministry, Biontech alone will increase its deliveries from the current 1.076 million to 2.515 million vaccine doses per week.

In the whole of April, 15.3 million vaccine doses from the three manufacturers are expected.

▶︎ For comparison: A total of 11 million vaccinations have been given since vaccination started in December. The company AstraZeneca can also expect significant growth: According to the ministry’s forecast, the company will increase its weekly deliveries from 482,400 (April 5-10) to 2.155 million vaccine doses (April 26-30), reports BILD.

Merkel: After Easter, more cans in the family doctor’s practice

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) said in the early afternoon in the parliamentary group meeting: “Vaccination is the way out of the crisis. As early as the second half of April there will be weeks when the general practitioners receive more vaccination doses than the vaccination centers. “

There is light at the end of the tunnel – “the light will get brighter,” the Chancellor was quoted as saying.

“Vaccination is the way out of the crisis, testing is a bridge,” Merkel continued. But she also warned that vaccination would only lead to success quickly if the number of new corona infections remained low. If there are high case numbers, it is difficult to come down from them.
Despite the ordered Easter silence, vaccinations will continue to be carried out in the centers in the next few days, according to the decision of the Corona summit. From the beginning of April, the general practitioners’ practices will also be more closely involved in the vaccination concept.

▶︎ Bayern wants to start vaccinating family doctors on March 31st. Bavaria’s Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) said the Free State is in talks with the medical organizations on this matter. You don’t want to pass a day and set an example, said Holetschek.

▶︎ Schleswig-Holstein announced on Tuesday that immediately after Easter, on April 6, vaccinations would be started in the practices. First of all, particularly immobile patients are to be vaccinated in around 1,500 practices. The vaccinations should be transferred to the regular system as soon as possible, said Health Minister Heiner Garg (FDP).

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Vaccine hammer government expects million vaccine doses April domestic policy


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