Vacuum robot with suction station: Proscenic M8 PRO now available


With the Proscenic M8 PRO, a new vacuum robot with suction station is available in the trade, which is located in the middle price segment.

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The Proscenic M8 PRO robot vacuum cleaner has an automatic suction station with a capacity of 4.3 liters. According to the manufacturer, the dust bag of the suction station usually only needs to be replaced after around 60 days. The device uses laser sensors to create a virtual floor plan of the floor and enables certain areas to be excluded from cleaning in the app (“no go areas”). Selective cleaning of individual areas is also possible – if necessary, for example, only the hallway can be specifically cleaned. A schedule is of course also supported.

Proscenig M8 Pro: The vacuum robot with suction station offers a suction force of 3000 Pa.

The suction force of 3000 Pa is considerable, but does not come close to the Tesvor S6 Turbo that we recently tested – this device even manages 4000 Pa. In wiping mode, the M8 Pro can regulate the water speed – the appropriate setting can be made using the manufacturer’s app, with three levels being offered. Practical: The dust container is also a water tank, so the container does not have to be replaced before changing the cleaning mode.

Proscenic promises a battery life of up to 270 minutes. In practice, the value should depend heavily on the suction force set. The M8 Pro is controlled via buttons on the device, via the app or with voice assistants (Alexa or Google Assistant).

Proscenic M8 Pro: price and availability

The new vacuum and floor mopping robot with suction station is now available for around 540 euros on Amazon *.

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An alternative to Proscenic’s M8 Pro is the new Deebot Ozmo T8 +. The premium model from Ecocacs is also supplied with a suction station. In contrast to the Proscenic device, the T8 + has a vibrating cleaning plate, which ensures better cleaning results in wiping mode. With a price of around 900 euros, the alternative is also significantly more expensive. However: Amazon is currently selling the device as part of the “Easter offers” for around 650 euros * and thus around 28% cheaper.

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Vacuum robot suction station Proscenic PRO


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