Vanessa Bryant on grief: “Pain is unimaginable”


14 months after Kobe Bryant († 41) and daughter Gigis († 13) tragic death, Vanessa Bryant (38) gives her first interview. On January 26, 2020, the world stood still for a moment when the basketball star and his daughter were killed in a helicopter crash. Vanessa Bryant suddenly became a widow and single mother of three children.

Vanessa Bryant speaks openly about her loss

Vanessa Bryant currently graces the special edition of the “People” magazine “Women who change the world”. “I cannot say that I am strong every day. Can’t say there aren’t days when I feel like I won’t survive until the next“, Vanessa told” People “.

Since the tragic accidental death of her husband and daughter, Vanessa Bryant has continued Kobe’s heart projects. She tries to be strong for her family and see the light in the dark. Her daughters Natalia, Bianka and Capri give her the strength to keep going. More on this, you can find out in the video.

Kobe Bryant wife and children

Vanessa Bryant und Kobe Bryant

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Vanessa Bryant grief Pain unimaginable


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