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Vanessa Mai is a scandal-free hit star who has so far not been able to cloud a little bit. In her talk show “On Mai Way”, however, a piquant topic was touched on with actor Eric Stehfest’s past: drug addiction. In an interview with “t-online” she has now revealed whether she has already taken drugs and what she thinks about them.

Honest words

Eric Stehfest’s statements about his drug past triggered pure emotions in Vanessa Mai: “In my youth I felt like the golden rider, I am at the top and master of my problems. The drug has helped me with what was in me has not been edited to control. ” His absolute low point was when he thought about what he would miss when he died. Words that did not leave the pop singer untouched. In an interview with “t-online” she took a position on drug abuse herself. Has she ever used drugs herself?

Drugs? No thanks!

“I can’t do anything with drugs and I can’t understand how you can do that to your body.”, admits Vanessa Mai. “I’m not at risk in this area because I’m far too afraid of it. The only high I know is alcohol, and even I haven’t seen that for many years … “, continues the 28-year-old.

Good education

Her parents are not entirely innocent of that! In her youth, for example, her mother always accompanied her when she went out to partying, chatted with the bouncers, while Vanessa danced with her friends. “My parents gave me a lot of personal responsibility and never banned alcohol or cigarettes. So it was never a stimulus for me to want to overdo it “the singer recalls. “I thought it was cool back then that my mom went with me. And I was interested in party life until I was 20, not after that.” Now she prefers to go to a restaurant instead of a club. For Eric Stehfest she has nothing but respect: “I found it very impressive that Eric came out of this phase so strengthened and how positive he is today.”

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