Verstappen up front in all three training sessions


12:14 p.m.

Training and qualifying: Live TV is only available on Sky!

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By the way: Here you can find an overview of all TV times and information for the Bahrain weekend!

2:01 pm

End of working day!

That was it with the last practice session, the best time goes to Verstappen ahead of Hamilton and Gasly. Bottas and Perez follow behind. Norris is surprisingly far behind in 16. That shouldn’t be representative, the McLaren can do a lot more. We hope for an exciting qualifying afterwards!

1:58 p.m.

Not much to see …

… is still from the two ex-world champions Vettel and Alonso. They were also to be found further back on Friday, currently they are in P14 and P15. Both are also slower than their respective teammates. Doesn’t have to mean anything, but a pattern is slowly becoming apparent. Shouldn’t be an easy qualifying for either of them. The session is about to be over.

1:52 p.m.

Verstappen P1

It remains the same this weekend: There is no way around Verstappen! After two best times on Friday, he is now pushing himself up again with a 1: 30.5. He is more than 0.7 seconds faster than Hamilton! Meanwhile, Gasly climbs back to P3. Helmut Marko should be satisfied.

1:50 p.m.

Perez can’t answer

The Mexican is only P3 with a 1: 31.9. He still seems to have a lot more difficult time with the Red Bull than his team-mate. Speaking of Verstappen: He’s also going out now. Let’s see if he can attack the Mercedes double lead.

1:42 pm

Faster times

Now the top teams are also turning it up a bit. Hamilton takes the lead back with a 1: 31.3, Bottas jumps to P2. This time he can keep his lap time. Behind them is Sainz in the Ferrari in P3. Verstappen and Perez are currently in the pits, so we’ll have to wait for Red Bull’s answer.

1:39 pm

Problem with Vettel

The German is only in 19th and penultimate place. There seems to be another problem with the car. During the trip some part flew off and hit Vettel on the helmet. After that, of course, he first drove back to the pits.

1:37 pm

Gasly P1

Well look at it, so it goes a little faster. Gasly takes the lead with a 1: 32.3. A sign that the top teams are still holding back a little here.

1:32 pm

Next turner

Masepin got it on Turn 7. Incidentally, the Russian has been a bit slower than his team-mate Mick Schumacher so far. That was already the case yesterday. Bottas, meanwhile, has fallen back to last place after being cut another time. He has to get that under control by the time qualifying.

1:28 p.m.

Verstappen P1

Even the Dutchman is not really fast with his 1: 32.6. But enough to take the lead in front of Hamilton and Norris. More is probably not possible with the conditions in terms of time. Even if it doesn’t have much to say: Red Bull again in front of Mercedes …

1:21 p.m.

Dreher leclerc

The Ferrari driver does the first spin of the day. He took off at turn 2. Kimi lost his front wing yesterday. In contrast to the “Iceman”, Leclerc manages not to damage the car. Meanwhile, Hamilton leads with a 1: 32.9. Fast is different.

1:17 pm

Bottas and the Tracklimts …

That was already an issue yesterday, several times were canceled for the Finn because he was too far out in Turn 4. Because of this, his lap time has now also been denied. Therefore there is still not a single representative time in this session. The route is now getting a bit crowded. Let’s see.

1:09 pm


Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of moving cars yet – because nobody drives! One round of Tsunoda, that’s all so far. Nevertheless, at this point the reference to our today’s photo gallery. It is already filled and will of course be topped up later with moving cars. Now Bottas is finally breaking the silence!

Photos: Formula 1 kick-off 2021 in Sachir, Saturday

1:02 p.m.

Only Tsunoda drives

Yesterday the teams were still in a hurry at the beginning of the shortened FT1 and FT2 sessions. It looks a little different today. Currently only Tsunoda drives. No surprise, after the work you have to look over night to see whether everything is working fine again on the AT02. The other 19 cars are in the pits. You know that from previous years of FT3 …

12:54 p.m.

Track glows

The asphalt temperature in Bahrain is currently almost 49 degrees, the air temperature 38.5. So it should get pretty hot in the cockpit right away! As I said, you won’t learn a lot for qualifying. But especially for rookies like Mick Schumacher, it is important to drive in such hot conditions. Every meter helps.

12:50 p.m.

Open the session ticker now!

You know the game: Here you get pictures, voices and the most important information about the session during the training. The complete reporting is available from my colleague Stefan Ehlen in our separate session ticker. The best thing is to simply open both tickers at the same time, then you will not miss a thing this time!

Also in FT3 there are 60 minutes on the clock again, nothing has changed this year.

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Verstappen front training sessions


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