Very good at sports and art: Leni Mariee shows her testimony!


Most of them got to know her as Dagi Bees (26) little sister: But now Leni Mariee (16) is a big web star herself. The student especially enchants her fans with insights into her private life and everyday life. But she has seldom looked as deep as now – because the tenth grader now posted a picture of her report card! And the arts subjects are obviously much better for her than the natural sciences.

In a Q&A Instagram has been Leni Asked by a follower for her testimonial – and she responded promptly. Without hesitation, she photographed the performance overview for the first half of the year, just blacking out a few details about the school. Overall, it turned out that the YouTuber will probably not embark on a scientific career after graduating from school: The 16-year-old has very good grades in English, sports and arts. Her grades in math and chemistry, on the other hand, are not as good. With this, however, she should be able to hope for a lot of understanding in her fan base and beyond.

41 missed hours are also noted on the certificate. Possibly the absenteeism is related to the prolific weaving activity of the famous schoolgirl. After all, the 1.4 million Instagram followers want to be kept happy with regular content. But her parents don’t need to worry: none of the absent hours went unexcused.

Dagi Bee and Leni Mariee
Leni Mariee, Influencerin
Leni Mariee, TikTok-Star

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good sports art Leni Mariee shows testimony


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