Video rape glorified? Singer wins victory


This music video has now exceeded 1 million views, but opinions remain divided. Antonia from Tyrol explains: “What we do is just music, if moral apostles, so-called women’s rights activists and moral guards are bothered by it now, then they simply only see what they want to see, and maybe have a problem when women express sexual inclinations in public thematized, there are many who can reconcile beautiful and pleasant feelings with a sexual role play. It’s consensual. People are just different. And as a singer, I see the video as artistic freedom. “

Antonia’s manager adds: “There is no real violence in our video, no real nude scenes, and no rape is shown. It is an erotic role play, implemented from start to finish until the cell door closes. If that were a problem on YouTube, then they would have to block some movie trailers and some other music videos anyway. “

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Video rape glorified Singer wins victory


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